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The Cranberries Intermission
The Cranberries Intermission - Message Board

s Last Updated: September 2003


Well, here it is another year and we are once again as "Cranified" as ever. 2001 has been a phenomenal year for all of us Cran fans, with the release of the 5th album, "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee", concert tours, promotionals; that we feel there will always be more room for all sorts of surprises.

The site itself has garnered 12,000 visit hits by the end of the year. We owe it to every ardent Cran fan that keep this site as inspired, as up and running about as ever. Cheers! We are very pleased with all the encouragement that we get anywhere from guestbook entries to emails, stating gratitude, excitement, appreciation and support not only because we love the band but also because we're doing a great thing!

Thank you so much. Here's to another yet Cranified year for all of us. Viva Cran Culture! Slan!

Dedication & Author's Note
It goes without saying, but we say it anyways, that this site is in reverent dedication to The Cranberries. The band, the songs, and most especially all the fans. We are in truth, The Cranberries themselves, because we live it, we sing it, we love it, and we cram our PCs with it. :)

Keep us posted with your comments and suggestions. Write to: Enjoy and remember, make your visits known and know other Cran fans as dedicated as you are. There's the quill, now sign the guestbook! :)
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  Site History
All it took was a single sitting frustration that changed The Cranberries Intermission's purpose for good. Who said it can't be done? As a Cran fan, you can very well determine where "Intermission" would come from. Yes, so there, all blissful memories from April 1998 to May 2000, reduced in a few, muddled, small font sized rant. Ahh. :) We have been hosted by Angelfire, BeSeen, HTMLgear for over 2 years now. Programs as Adobe Photoshop 5, Adobe ImageStyler 1, Corel Photopaint 8, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3, Macromedia Flash 4 are just some of the programs that have always been used. We'd like to think we get better as we further enhance and will always acknowledge the resources we use. Hence, all by-produces here are patiently and ardently made from scratch. We make use of official images from, which coincidentally is the official Cranberries site. ;)
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The Cranberries Wallpapers
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* Cranberries Club

The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 1
The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 2
The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 3
The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 4
The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 5
The Cranberries Intermission - Wallpaper 6

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The Cranberries Intermission - Screensaver 1 The Cranberries Intermission - Screensaver 2

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  The Cranberries Winamp Skins
  Click on the images to save ZIP files. Unzip in a separate folder you have created inside the Skins folder under Winamp. From your winamp player, press Alt+S. Click on the Skins link from the left handside and then choose from the skins directory on the right hand side.
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 1
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 2
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 3
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 4
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 5
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 6
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 7
The Cranberries Intermission - Winamp Skin 8
Lisa Loeb
The Concept

Come here my lover,
Something's on your mind
Listen to no other,
They could be unkind

* Hold on, to the concept
of love always, darling
Hold on to the concept
of love, always...

The Cranberries Intermission unreal review:

- "That's it. Dolores is having an affair."
- "It's for all the fans. We're all her lovers!"
- "It speaks true to me. I am her only lover!"
- "There is a morale there, darling and I am Cornflake Girl! I am Ms. World! I am disillusioned. Yeah, baybeh!"

The Cranberries Intermission real review:

Even the tumultuous times call only for the barest of concepts. One of which is this infamous "love" that is so commonly addressed to. The truth is, people today are afraid of this concept as it is an invitation for pain. It is perhaps, much easier to go about with oneself and having all these things in our minds to give ourselves completely over to. It is perhaps, much easier to be unkind or aptly, be cold. Yet so often times, the closest, near perfect of definitions of this "love" have been inscribed. We certainly know what it means, theoretically. But the concrete experience we go by it has slowly thinned into this measly hypothetical.

The Concept imparts to us the message of holding on no matter how elusive of a concept "love" is or no matter how lost we are, individually, to this concept. Sometimes, it doesn't even have to start with this "love" per se. Sometimes it can start with a simple gesture. Like a smile, a compliment, a pat, any kind, simple gesture. This "love" is promising in that way. Most importantly, it is that "promising" concept of the actual "love" itself that we must remember to hold on to. Hold on to the concept of love always, darling.
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  The Cranberries Font
The Cranberries Intermission - Font
This image saves the ZIP file for The Cranberries Font, 26KB. This was patiently created by Curtis Patterson and is used for all "the cranberries" text in this site.
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The Cranberries Desktop Icons & Cursor
The Cranberries Intermission - Desktop Icons
This image saves the ZIP file for the desktop icons, 47KB
The Cranberries Intermission - Animated Cursor
This image saves the desktop animated cursor, 17KB

Note: To test or replace your current cursor, go to START button >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointers Tab >> Choose the pointer (BUSY or WORKING IN BACKGROUND pointers work beautifully with this cursor!) you want to replace with Cran cursor (Highlights when selected) >> Click Browse >> go to folder where you saved Cran cursor >> Click Open >> Click Apply. That wasn't so hard, was it? :-) Now to change back to Previous Cursor, Select pointer as Cran Cursor >> Click Use Default >> Click Apply.
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  The Cranberries Logo Screens
  Logo screens are the Start Up, Wait and Shutdown screens of your computer. The default folder for this would be C:\WINDOWS and your logo files would be Logo.sys, Logow.sys and Logos.sys. I would advise you to have the Winlogo Changer program so that it'll be more fun and in order to manage these files more easily.
The Cranberries Intermission - Winlogo Changer Program 1.2
Winlogochanger 1.2 - To install, Simply unzip the files (there are only three of them 'Winlogo.exe', 'Automate.exe' and this 'Readme.txt') onto a directory of your choice. Run Winlogo.exe. Create "Logosets" folder inside the folder / directory with which you saved and unzipped your Winlogo. Inside the "Logosets" folder, create "cranset1" folder or any folder name you want.
The Cranberries Intermission - Logo Screen Set 1
Logo Screen Set 1 - Click on this image to save and unzip unto the "cranset1" folder the contents. In the same way, create a "cranset2" folder or any folder name you want inside the "Logosets" folder.
The Cranberries Intermission - Logo Screen Set 2
Logo Screen Set 2 - Click on this image to save and unzip unto the "cranset2" folder the contents. You can now manage the screens with your Winlogochanger.

But if you're up to a more manual procedure without the use of the Winlogochanger, we can do that too. First click and save the latter two zip images to save and unzip the logo screen sets. Create a folder for each of them anywhere you want. Look for your original logo screens in your C:\Windows directory. Sometimes, the Logo.sys is not present. It's normal, I guess. Transfer them in another folder in case you want your default screens back. Do NOT delete. The trick of these whole thing is just moving and swapping of files with which the Winlogochanger can do without a lot of hassles. Plus it can set your default logo screens back for you. That's the advantage of the program. And NO, I'm not trying to sell it. ;-P Anyways, transfer your new Cranberries logo screens, either set 1 OR 2 (NOT BOTH!), into the C:\WINDOWS directory. Restart your computer and see if that whole oreal worked. ;-P Hehe. It should work, but still, the Winlogochanger, you know.... ;-P To restore your default screens back, just move the Cran logo screens from your C:\WINDOWS directory back to its former directory while move the default screens back to C:\WINDOWS.

Should you encounter problems with these procedures, email us. :-)
a few words from our
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who sent me emails regarding the site and the band. I would very much like to reiterate, I am not Dolores, and we are not the band. However, we have gotten soft on that idea. It's very refreshing each and everytime. ;)

Secondly, I am looking for a (ONE) very qualified Cranberries fan who will help maintain the integrity of this site, or whatever really, and perhaps soon will have my position or half of it, sure. Hehe-.

To my Chilean friend, Yokica, for being the most wonderful Cranberries fan that she is.

To IRIS, for everything I could not say.
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The Cranberries Intermission encourages any active fan site for link exchange. There is a site banner prepared should that be a preference. However, we opted to have the text link to give more space for our images and time for loading, that way we cover more ground with the ever increasing "Cran Culture".
The Cranberries Intermission CRAN CULTURE
  Of course, you could guess what this is about... (AND it's not meant to be exact, really. O.O)
The Cranberries Intermission - Viva Crancullture!
If you link us to your site, please let us know so we'd link your site as well.

We are also encouraging active participation from fans through any artistic contribution(s) -- i.e. your own wallpapers, winamp skins, etc. that you would like to put up here, we'd gladly acknowledge YOU for
contributing. Our artist can only take and do so much and so we came up with a fan contribution section that we will feature in the site every now and then. This also includes featuring active unique fan sites. All of these are yet going underway, of course, and reliant on the feedback that we will get from YOU.
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Think about it but don't
dwell on it. Slàn! ;)
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