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J. Stern - Fundamental Correspondence and Electronic Business

Dear Readers,

The author welcomes you to his humble website. For further information, please email Thank you for your interest.

J. Stern

J. Stern: Collected Works
Publishing Credits
Fall of Lucifer: An Adaptation (partial adaptation of York cycle mystery pageant, undergraduate project, 1998

binary gematria emblem
'Cornucopia I' photography project 2002
From the West Window (Grenoble, France)

King James Online Dictionary
Michelson: ELS "Code" Paper
Ode to The Rose (Yeats)
Gallimard (factsheet in PDF)
Umberto Eco: A Theory of Semiotics
Wagner vs. Tolkien: 'Ring' Theory

TeRmInAl SoNiC ReSoUrCeS

Mr. Biggles: automaton panel restructuring: told fortunes