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The Planeswalker's Hall of Dominia Art

Please tell me what you think of these! If there are any other matching pairs you know that I dont have, please tell me about them!
Known but not included: Guardian Angel and Paralyze from Revised by Anson Maddocks. These match at a diagonal.
Art List: The set of 4 Plains from Ice Age, Mirage Plains pair one and two, all 4 Mirage Forests, the oversize Arena Lands, Urza's Saga floating Plains 1 and 2 (3 and 4 dont match up), Alliances Phyrexian Boon 1 and 2, Soldevi Adnate 1 and 2, Vanguard green set Urza and Mishra, Stronghold Machinist + Biologist from Nemesis, Prophecy Spur Grappler and Keldon Firebombers (real image), 7th Edition's Plains pair, and Odyssey Repentant Vampire and Gallantry.

Plains sequence from Ice Age
©WotC 1995. Art by Chris Rush.
Mirage Plains Part 1
©WotC 1996. Art by Tom Wanerstrand.
Mirage Plains Part 2
©WotC 1996. Art by Tom Wanerstrand.
Mirage Forests
©WotC 1996. Art by Tony Roberts.
Arena Oversize Lands
©WotC 1996. Art by Tony Roberts.
Urza's Saga Plains
©WotC 1998. Art by Rob Alexander.
Phyrexian Boon 1+2
©WotC 1996. Art by Mark Tedin.
Soldevi Adnate 1+2
Full pic at Magic Arcana Gallery:#144
©WotC 1996. Art by Christopher Rush.
Vanguard Urza and Mishra
©WotC 1999. Art by Mark Tedin (Urza), Anson Maddocks (Mishra).
Machinist + Biologist
Also on Magic Arcana ©WotC 2000. Art by Terese Nielsen.
Spur Grappler + Keldon Firebombers
©WotC 2000. Art by Randy Gallegos.
7th Edition Plains 342 + 343
©WotC 2001. Art by Rob Alexander.
Repentant Vampire + Gallantry
Full pic at Magic Arcana Gallery:#16
©WotC 2001. Art by Mark Tedin.

Guru Lands article w large pic of all
2003 Arena League Lands that connect
Fifth Dawn "The Great Machine" Stations sequence

Coming soon: Champions' basic lands full pics!

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Card art, Magic: The Gathering, Magic, Arena League, Ice Age, Mirage, Urza's Saga, Alliances, Vanguard, Nemesis, Prophecy, 7th Edition, Odyssey, Fifth Dawn TM,©1993-2005 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.