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Magic Software
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Urza's Computer Voodoo
Where the worlds of Magic and programming meet!
This is the place to find Magic: The Gathering software links, and patches/fixes I kindly make for the great online card game playing program, Magic Workstation (and formerly Apprentice). Here are current links to the Workstation custom sets and files, MTG Oracle patches, and Home Grown Magic League's (Virtual Mtg card set creators group) card sets patch. Details of each patch are in the readme in the Zip. I also have a collection of multiple card spanned arts and MSE proxy card images with real pics I took to replace card art.

 Questions, comments? Have sites to suggest? Broken link? , or I can be found on the MTGNews and MWS forums.
Have you appreciated my work, and would like to give back? You are welcome to 
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 To download, click the link and save the file, or if it opens, locate it in your temp cache.
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Other Files
 Goudy Medieval Font (thinner)
 Microprose Magic Medieval Font
 Microprose Magic Symbols Font
 New Magic Symbols Font with Paintbrush + Flashback icons
 Magic Card Text Font - MPlantin
 New 8E Frames Name Font - Matrix Bold
 MTG Interactive Encyclopedia (MIE) mdb Password

 MTG Software Sites
 Wikipedia List of popular software
 SlightlyMagic Forum for ALL programs: Forum threads for info on every known MTG AI or database software.
 Manalink 3.0: new unofficial Microprose Magic patch, changes/adds cards, more arts!
 Magic Set Editor 2: Print out your own highly customizable proxies (all new version!)
 MagArena: A new, very good AI software
 MAGMA: A Magic-playing AI program with pics (Italian site, English/multilanguage prog)
 Online Play Table: New platform for online CCG play, has multiplayer
 Generic Collectible Card Game: Linux/Win app to play MTG online, with server-based league cards
 Daring Apprentice: 3d tabletop play, single player only
 Lackey CCG: an Appr-like online program
 Forge: newer project for playing online
 Mindless Automaton: a popular Appr-like online program
 Firemox/Magic Project: Java app w online play and rules
 OCTGN 2.0- Mtgplay successor program, full multiplayer!
 ArcanistCCG: a simple Generic Java card table, online play support
 WebWizard: Java Magic program, updated, online play w server
 MagicUpdates: New update patches for M:IE, complete with full pics
 Magician: MTG adv. searchable database, deck inventory
 Magic Suitcase: the original Inventory program
 MTG Studio: Deck, inventory, and database program, well developed
 Random Magic Card Generator scripted website

 Magic Workstation Sites
 Magic Workstation: An amazing program to play online, manage card inventory and decks, add custom sets and lots more!
 Please visit their forum for latest updates.
 MWS HowTo Page with Guide links
 MWS official database and Play/Install Guides
 GoblinHero's HQ scan download links and card scanning forum MWS downloads: images, latest databases, themes, and foreign translations
 O-Gaming: The best MWS-users league on the net! uses IRC
 MWSPlay Server Status - if this page works, is up.

 Virtual Playtable or VPT: New software by MWS developer based on better programming and made for today. In beta, deck editor working and basic online play.

 MTG Info Sites
 Wizards' Official Magic Card Database Search Engine and spoiler gen - A better online MTG Card Search
 Yawgatog's Magic Resources - Data on rules, Oracle, new rules changes
 MTG Open Directory Links - nice list of websites, stores, some software
 MTGSalvation: The Magic news forum
 Magic News/Rumors Site
 MTGNews Magic Software Forum (find more info here)
 D'Angelo's NetRep Rulings Summaries
 mIRC- Get connected to other Appr/MWS players on EFnet #apprentice or #o-gaming

 MTG Pricing Value Sites
 MagicTraders- The trading HQ, with current pricelists and quick search
 Find Magic Cards and Prices
 Black Lotus Project- shows scrollable historical graphs
 Experimental Price Looker-Upper with longer history by event, graphs

 HGML sets Homepage with story
 HGML AS, RB, BT, SD, MS, IS Spoilers w/ FAQ (partial), Keyword Rules Upd 7/12/03
 HGML's List of MTG cards for a 'Base' set (not implemented)
 HGML Downfall spoiler (not final, needs rarity assignment)

 Other Links/Downloads
 SpeedGuide: Home of Broadband TCP/IP Optimizer
 Axcel216 Max Speeed Windows Tweaks and Updates info

 The Planeswalker's Card Art Substitutions: from my own digital cam on my US tour! Printable as proxies.
 The Planeswalker's Hall of Dominia Art: The whole image of several card arts I pieced together from M:IE pics and newer sets

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Magic Workstation is TM, Magic Technology RUS.

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