Apple Snail Downloads

JAVA-Based Applications

Application Description/Instructions Requirements
Color Inheritance - v1.2 Predicts possible offspring colors given the color of two parent snails and any known recessive traits the parents carry. This has not been Beta tested. If you find errors, please report them to me. Unzip the contents of the ZIP file to a single folder. If using Windows run Colors.exe. If beta testing, run colors1.exe (runs with a dos prompt window) to see the series of generated events. DO NO RENAME OR EDIT FILES, or the program may not work properly. Java runtime environment, or java virtual machine. Go to Sun's Java Site to download a java runtime environment (JRE) if you do not have one (it must be 1.4.2 or a later version).

Word DOC Files

Title Description Requirements
Health Problems and Solutions A list of all currently known ailments of apple snails, their descriptions, and their treatments. It includes photos of snails with some of the conditions described as well as diagrams. Due to the large number of images, the file is close to 1mb in size. Microsoft Word (the file is for Word 2000)