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Trimble's Tavern Antiques is the regions' local leader in antiques restoration as well
as the creation of custom and reproduction antique furniture.

My workshop is a busy place with many projects going on at any one time--
with an able staff and the proper tools, woods and finishes on-hand,
we are quite confident that we can fulfill your expectations in
the restoration of your fine furniture.

Different regions produced distinct furniture-styles reflecting influences from
many periods, and many are yet still tracable to their origins today. Knowing
how to tell a North carolina nursing chair from a home-made replica copied
from an established English-styled piece is founded upon the knowledge and
experience such craftsmen as Chris Trimble possess. The depth of Chris Trimbles'
knowledge of those traditions passed down from one craftsman to another is
considerable--his own aprenticeship, and his instructors' and theirs before
him, began at an early ageeffectively cover some 200 years of experience.

Understanding how such pieces were first created is vital in their restoration
and repair--a keen eye can pick up details many an untrained eye would miss.
The replication of missing or damaged portions of a scroll-back chair, a period
picture frame or a panel of choice figured maple, white oak or mahogany becomes
much more a matter-of-fact process once the whole is understood through the
eyes of those who first created them. Chris Trimble possesses this keen eye and
depth of understanding as few actually do

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