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There is a lot to see in this collection--please take your time, feel free to call or write to ask questions, etc.

Where prices have not been listed, Offers are welcome.

We are proud to showcase some truly fine eastern lithics from the Mark Small Collection--
don't miss your chance to add something special to your frame for the holidays

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~Prices are Negotiable~

We strive to work with our customers and desire to speak with you about your interests.
Prices are subject to be lowered in conjunction with group purchases, discounts may be
offered per individual sales, and %-off discounts will be announced from time to time.
We will make a deal with you--

Our research into the typologies presented is ongoing and we may make mistakes--
Let us know if you catch something.
We work hard to present accurate information upon request and we back our efforts with long-standing reputations within
the community as well as in both the antique and artifact collecting/dealer circles


* until further notice!

A free whole and undamaged point will be given away with each order, no matter how many or how few you buy. Repeat customers will be given better than average free-bee's

Mini-Collections of Indian artifacts picked up
on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay

Take 20% off for three or more sets!

Offered for $100 ~ This 18-piece set of archaic stemmed and notched projectile points has some very decent examples. Most of these are whole and complete, some have a nibble here or there. The largest point--far left, second row--is 2" long. This will not be offered for very long--take advantage of it now!

Offered for $25 ~ This small set of frosty, sugary quarts points all are translucent and very attractive--and bargain-priced! The largest point is 1 3/4' long.

Offered for $35 ~ This set of small points is just the perfect gift to help a young collector off to a good start--most are whole and undamaged, all of them collectible. The largest point is 1 1/4" long.

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Call: David Stone Sweet-- 804 296 7838

Chris Trimble-- 804 436-1776
to make inquiries or request prices

E-mail me!
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