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Trimbles' Tavern Antiques
Wishes to Announce the Opening of

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We are now making carriages for both wooden and iron/bronze
cannons, complete with iron-shod wheels and fittings.

Come In and Look At What We Do!
We have a number of barrels in stock...

Wouldn't you love to have a cannon in your back yard?

Our Latest Cannon: the barrel, a Militia Grasshopper, is dated 1781,
The carriage is itself made from period salvaged
timbers and is clad in wrought iron bands and rings and
iron-shod wheels duplicating the original carriage-hardware--all produced by Chris Trimble

We can make a variety of cannon-replicas with wooden barrels
cunningly wrought to present the actual appearance of a solid
iron gun. We can build to suit a range of needs--from decorative
scale-replicas for the landscape to a light-weight wooden replica
suitable for re-enacting, or with an iron barrel to add realism
or even as a restoration project where every little detail has
to be correct as an authentic museum-grade period-recreation.

We do custom work--we can design what you need!

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