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Trimbles' Tavern Antiques' Relics of Modern Warfare
From the Second World War onward, advanced technologies have played a crucial
role in military operations, yet the men and women who fought these conflicts
carried the burden of life and death in their hands--it is in their memory
that we collect the artifacts of these conflicts...

Collectibles from the modern era of warfare have grown in importance among
collectors and historians alike--You will find a most excellent selection
of militaria covering the 20th century's most important conflicts
here at Trimbles' Tavern Antiques


The dawning of the Twentieth Century brought with it improvements upon
existing weapons systems and new technical innovations to warfare--the
machine gun, the tank, the aeroplane, the submarine, and rocketry as well
as chemical, biological and radiological weapons, and most important of
all, electronic warfare and its applications on and off the battlefield.

Numerous tactics and strategies were developed to face these new weapons,
and at the same time, old ones were laid to rest, often having been proved
useless with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives. We recall the
first battle of the Marne and the first and second battles of Ypres, where
the stagnation of trench warfare left nearly a million casualties. We also
recall the futile bravery of Polish cavalry charges against the Wehrmacht's
armored brigades, the devastation of those airforces still using multi-wing
aircraft against vastly superior monoplane fighters.

We are reminded of the emergance of air power in General Billy Mitchell's
prophetic bombing of a German battleships' hulk off the coast of North
Carolina. The fall from grace of the battleship as the queeen of the worlds'
navies and the emergence of the aircraft carrier marked yet another turn in
weapons development and strategy...and who can forget the splendid use of
an early warning device to alert Englands' Hurricanes and Spitfires as they
fought off the Luftwaffe's finest, in what has come to be recognized as
England's secret weapon of salvation: radar!

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