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Photographic documentation is a sure way to protect your valuables from theft,
to aid police in their recovery, and in dealing with the insurance companies
when they question your possessions' authenticity or value. For identifiction
purposes, to illustrate your text online or in print, to record and document
your collection, or to keep an accurate accounting of your home and furniture,
sports equipment, boats, cars and more, MBG offers a wide range of photographic
capabilities, including wonderful close-up photography that reveals incredible
details, mid-range and distance photography for displaying everything from lots
of stock items to overviews of job operations, even operations in the field can
be perfect settings for ad-photography or to add to your business portfolio...

Collectors will find the advantges of a well-photographed collection to
be immense! The versatility of web-ready and print-ready photography covers
all resulting print media such as 3-fold fliers, postcards, newpaper and
online advertising, online or print publication of a book or books about your
collection, etc. Illustrate ones' Family Tree with images of your relatives.
Photographing in close-up the details of your collection will preserve a
portion of your collection that is vital--the image and the information
belonging to it will forever be linked to the object itself BECAUSE of the
photography. Preserve and protect--document your collections, possessions
and hobby interests. Other generations should see and touch them......

The Following images reflect some recent close-up
work I've done for others and myself--
Your collecton can benefit from being photographed!

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