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>>>>> Kiteboarding and Surfing Virginia Beach <<<<<

Kiteboarding has become a favorite sport, even an obsession, for many adventurous souls. My friends Paul, Matt and Eric have been kiteboarding for many years now, and I know that look in their eyes when the winds begin to blow--a deep-seated yearning blossoms into sometimes fevered activity to ready their equipment and hustle to their favorite beaches. New Point's Bavon Beach, the public beach in Hallieford, Gwynns' Island and York River beaches just outside Paul's front door are local favorites. For the best of fun in the wind, though, it is very hard to beat the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

If the wind is from out of the north or northeast, the oceanfront's 88th Street provides the best launch-site for a long down-winder, to 44th Street or beyond, all the way down to Croatan Shores or Camp Pendleton. Local kiteboarders Eric, Mike, Ed, and many others also launch from 88th Street, and when called upon by my friends, I show up too--with camera in hand ready to skip, hop and jump ahead of them as they cruise down the beach to capture their aerobatics.

What follows are photographs I've taken over several years, an enticing and at times enthralling spectacle of man's union with wind and water in what at are epic conditions with winds howling to 30mph or more, amid waves towering up to 12-16 feet over these intrepid daredevils.