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My name is Tom Florio, and I entered the professional dog world in 1963 when I started a breeding
program for my German Shepherds. I showed in breed competition at the national level and in 1970 I started
breeding Old English Mastiffs. We are now breeding Golden Retrievers and offering boarding and grooming services

This is a family business started just after me and my family moved to Mathews County in 1982. My family's hard work made our
business into the success it is today. My son John Florio is now my full-time partner in doing what we both love doing--
we think our sucesses speak highly of our dedication, hard work and love, and if you should you ever board your pet with us,
we're sure you will, too!

We have 24 hr emergency and on-call veterinary services backed by 28 years of professional experience and our love for all animals.
We have never lost a pet nor has any pet in our care ever been injured or became ill.

More about Tom Florio and TBK ~*~ Our Staff, Facilities and Prices

804 725-2359
You will be able to speak with a real person who cares!

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