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>>>>> Port of Call: Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads <<<<<
The big ships and boats seen off the Virginia Beach oceanfront

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Shipping and Ships

I've photographed a lot of things over the years, and have not failed to notice the shipping that comes and goes from the Chesapeake Bay's entrance at Virginia Beach. Currently living near Chics Beach, I walk my black lab there twice a day, and with every sojour onto the beach, there is a different lighting, atmosphere, cloud-cieling and ambiance that makes for interesting images of the shipping moving through the bay's entrance or anchoring off the shore along 'tanker row'.

Taking advantage of this, I carry my camera with me virtually every time, and though I might photograph the same ships a dozen times, each time produces something different. I work over each photograph, trying different settings to bring out the best in each. I herewith present some of the best of my work in this genre...I hope visitors to my site will come to appreciate the efforts I go to, and the results I offer here.

A simple call to 804 815-4141 is all it takes to have me show up to shoot pics of YOU doing your kiteboarding-thing in Virginia beach!


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