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Placing Orders with MBR

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Much of what we do falls into the category of custom work--details of shape, design
and ornamentation all require detailed and specific information. We can work from
drawings, photos and descriptions thast YOU provide us. The more detailed your information is,
the better we will be able to fulfill your needs and expectations--feel free to call us!
804 815-4141



Some of our stock merchandise is obtained from obscure sources not generally available to the public.
Such items are not stocked in great numbers and are ocassionally unique creations unto themselves. These
items are not always as available to us as we would like, so bear in mind that we do the best we can
to provide you with what you need.

Warclubs can take on almost any form--from rough-carved branches to finely wrought caribou antler, to gun-stock and ball-headed clubs, to whatever your imagination might concieve of. We are happy to work with your materials, provide our own, or ???

The warclub shown is after a style of Mississippian culture, and is carved suiting my own tastes from a tool handle purchased at a local hardware store... Leather and stone, amber beads, feathers and earth pigments finish it off.

If you have something in mind, call or write to inquire how I may fulfill your needs--the work need not be expensive, but it is guaranteed to satisfy!

I carved my first goudrs with a piece of sharp flint and figured out a few things to make the work go faster. I did so because to understand what the process was all about I needed to do it as closely as possible to the way my forebearers also did it.

Using a dremel-tool makes things go much faster, allows more time to be spent in finishing a piece, and makes for a fast turn-around time from order to completion. I am willing to do things either way, to suit your ceremonial needs, if this is a concern for you. Some people do not like metal tools touching their traditional implements and belongings--

REMEMBER, Chief Sitting Bull rejected a bowl of food because a metal spoon had come into contact with it. it was a part of his medicine, and this happened just rpior to the Battle of the Greasy Grass, where Custer came dressed for the ocassion in an 'arrow' shirt!

The bone comb shown here is of traditional design--other designs are in the process of creation at present, awaiting application to bone.
Among them are whale, sea turtle, eagle and possibly spirit canoe.

It takes time to make one of these combs, and a lot of time to smooth, polish one to a high-gloss finish.
I use a dremel to create the piece, sand paper to bring a smooth finish to it, then I burnish it with a leather pad until it seems almost to glow.
I can use bone, antler, shell or wood to make something nice for your woman--and she deserves it, too, doesn't she?

If you have a concept or design you'd like to have made into a comb, original or not, I can create what you want--
please provide references, pictures, photographs or any source of imagry to allow me to make exactly what you need.

I am not expensive, as far as being a starving artist goes--and I really am on a lean diet these days.
I will work hard to keep costs down, and I do not treat my clients as if they were made of money.
I accept bater and trade IF it suits me--make me an offer, and we'll see what we can do together to make your wishes reality.
Stone, owner/founder of Mobjack Bay Relics
Cal me at 804 815-4141 or email me, below...