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Firepit Features, excavated at the Baucom-Hardaway Site, which suggest of an Oral Tradition which provided for the return of peoples from subsequent related cultures to a site specifically used in like manner by their ancestral culture's peoples

Oral Tradition, the only plausible explanation for the existance of these unique features, cannot be proved or disproved, based upon the evidence available. Two samples of what were believed to be charcoal were recovered from one of the 'firepits' in the Hardaway Side Notch level. Dr. Vance Haynes, however, has discribed one of the samples as a "firm lump (8 x 5 x 5 cm) of pale brown silty, fine sand with dark brownish-grey stains. No distinct charcoal." The other sample is reported to still be in storage. (see page 2, figure 1, for radiocarbon dates associated with Paleo Indian Sites...)


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