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Fishing Line, Bone Hooks and Dip Nets

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We are proud to offer a fishing rig that is both functional and authentic--the 30ft line is hand-made (NOT COMMERCIAL LINE!) from durable hemp fiber and the hook is made from bone. A stone weight, grooved to hold the line, a wooden float and a small holder for wrapping the fishing line around completes this rig. Details of hook and stone weight are shown in close-ups below.

We are offering these, time consuming as they are to make, for a mere $80 each!

Dip Net

The dip net shown above, 31in long by 7in wide, is fashioned from a forked branch whose ends have been slpit and lashed to overlap, forming the hoop of the net. Artificial sinew is used to produce the net itself. MBR can produce larger or smaller dip nets for your specific needs. The one shown is useful for catching frogs, small fish and crabs as they are caught or lured close. Short-handled versions can also be made to order--please let us know what it is you need!

Prices vary according to the size net desired--one such as the example above would be offered for $65.

The example shown above is a part of my personal kit used to teach and instruct with--let me make one for you that will please and surprise you and those you know!