Role-Playing Logs
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DreamScape the First

The mists are thick and enveloping. It is hard to see more than a few feet before you, but perhaps that is only a reason that you should not be relying upon your eyes. At the moment nothing moves, though occasionally there are sounds. Great sighs and hums like the wind through the mellyrn.

Terridan moves through the mists slowly, looking about with more than his eyes. After he searches the area he is in, he begins to move on, trying to penetrate the mists, all the while, calling out to Talia, hoping she can hear him.

From somewhere, for there is no true direction here, comes sounds. Scuffling, and the clinking of metal like chainmail, and also quiet sobs. There is no answer, but something seems to form from the mist. It appears like the great trunk of a mallorn, though it's branches are hidden in the mists. At the roots is a figure, crumpled on the ground, or as crumpled as one could be in a full suit of armor.

Terridan moves towards the figure quickly, with all the speed that he can muster. He comes up alongside the crumpled form, then crouches before it. After a moment, his features soften, and he reaches a hand forward, "Talia... cousin..."

Talia jumps at the sudden sound and scuttles backwards on her hands, her face twisted with fear. Brandishing the greatsword from her belt, she crouches behind it defensively. "Who is there!"

Terridan recoils back away from the greatsword, calling out to Talia again, "Talia! Peace! It is your cousin, Terridan! Do you not recognize my voice?"

Talia shivers and shuts her eyes behind the weapon, though she does not lower it. "Terridan? Or some manner of trickery? There is nothing to be trusted here. How could Terridan come upon this hell where I was banished alone?"

Arhuine appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into her real self.

Terridan sighs heavily, taking a tenitive step forward, "I have come in search of you, cousin... listen to my voice... and trust me. I am Terridan..." he places his hands to his side, for whatever good it can do him before the blind elf maiden. His own eyes glisten as he sees her.

In a small clearing in the mists is tall Terridan and near him, the huddling figure of Talia. Slowly, as Terridan speaks, she lowers her blade, but makes no motion to move closer to her cousin. At last, in a hoarse voice, she whispers, "Have you come to take me home?"

Arhuine bites her lip as her gaze falls upon others then she turns away. Wandering aimlessly at first she moves some distance away and begins to pace.

Terridan fights back the urge to weep at Talia's words, then slowly nods his head, "I have come to help you as best I can cousin... I will do whatever I can to help you find your way home..." he sighs heavily, then moves forward towards her again, placing a gentle, yet tenitive hand on her shoulder.

Talia slowly lifts one hand and slowly reaches it out towards where she knows Terridan's body would be. Her fingertips find the hard metal of the cuirass covering his chest and then she gently moves them upward to stroke the skin of his cheek. At the touch, her form wavers with the mist and the elleth whimpers as her face contorts in concentration. At last, she is whole again and she lowers her head as she lays the flat of her palm on her cousin's cheek.

Terridan smiles softly, reaching his own hand up to cover Talia's, a bit of moisture underneath the elleth's palm from his eyes, "You will not be alone here, cousin... not any more..."

Just as Talia's form begins to relax, the mallorn bowel beside her supporting her weight, there comes a hissing sound from their feet, though it's origin is unseen in the fog that covers the ground. Talia slowly lets her hand slide away from Terridan's face and begins to stand up. However, as soon as they are separated, the hissing noise grows fierce and the head of a serpent shoots up between the two elves, jaw wide and teeth bared as makes a move to attack Terridan. And then Talia screams....

Terridan looks up at the serpent, reaching instinctively for a sword that is not there as he leaps back, crying out loudly as he feels himself being pulled from the dream, "TALIA!!!"

Arhuine only pauses her pacing for a brief moment to look towards the sounds. Then she turns away once more.

Sacred Grove

Terridan wakes suddenly, recoiling from some unseen attacker. He looks around quickly, as if to get his bearings, before looking over to Talia again. After a moment, he calms himself, then sighs heavily, getting a look of determination on his face, "I will find you again cousin..."