All American Nugget--Reno

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LOT 516: Fall Yearling Ram National Champion Ram

TAC W 3036
DOB:12/18/07 TW
SIRE: "First In Class" PRC LB 299
DAM: Schwartz 153
COMMENTS: This Swartz ewe has never missed. Every year her lambs are at the top. His sire is a super long bodied ram which has consistently produced winners, including this year's record high selling Grand Champion Ewe at the Ohio Dorset Sale. He's QR.
Lot: 517 Substitute: YEARLING EWE National Reserve Champion Ewe

PRC 0087
DOB:9/1/07 TW
SIRE:L. Thompson OR 60
DAM:"Aspiration" PRC LB 71
COMMENTS:We substituted a yearling ewe for our ram lamb because of the large number of rams entered in the sale. This is a ewe that we should be keeping as we lost her dam. However, we have several et daughters of Aspiration in the flock. Aspiration was our first NAILE Champion Ewe and is out of the same ewe family as "Fred" our 2008 NAILE Champion Ram. Don't miss the chance to own this genetics. QR
Lot: 518 Substitute: SPRING YEARLING EWE National Champion Ewe

PRC R8-01
DAM:Spilde 5279
COMMENTS:This is a top notch yearling ewe out of one of the last of the Spilde ewes. Her dam has produced class winners at the Ohio Dorset Sale and continues to produce quality to this day. PRC 345 is a great "15" son used extensively in the Groth flock. QR
Lot: 519 Substitute: LATE FALL EWE LAMB National Junior Champion Ewe

Mary Ann Cassell W3427
DOB:10/15/08 TW
SIRE:PRC W2109 "Fred"-2008 Ohio State Fair and NAILE Champion Ram
DAM:Mary Ann Cassell W400
COMMENTS:This ewe lamb matches up with our fall ewe lambs that did so well at the Ohio Dorset Sale where we had both junior champions and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the late fall lamb class. The "Fred" daughters have tons of class and show appeal with excellent fronts and good tops. RR
Lot: 520: JANUARY (WINTER)EWE LAMB National Reserve Junior Champion Ewe

PRC W3514
SIRE:PRC W2109 "Fred"-2008 Ohio State Fair and NAILE Champion Ram
DAM:Allen 4789
COMMENTS:This ewe lamb has been dynamite since she was born. She's always stood out with tons of size and lots of style. Allen 4789 has been a great ewe with lots of top lambs. RR


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