The Cassell Foundation Flock

The Cassell Horned Dorset tradition began when Robert Kent Cassell started actively breeding Horned Dorsets in 1906. Four generations of the Cassell family have continued adding to the herd that was initially acquired at Burkes Garden, VA. Although many years have passed since Robert Kent Cassell walked his flock over 80 miles to their new home, the tradition of progressive breeding with genetic integrity remains.

During the Great Depresssion Great Grandpa (R.K. Cassell) and Grandpa (Paul Randolph Cassell) continued to buy registered rams for their flocks. However, the 75 cent registration fee for each lamb was just too much for a farming family.

In 1951, Grandpa and Leon went to the Eastern Stud Ram Sale in Staunton, VA, and bought Susie and her lamb (pictured above). Since then, REGISTERED Horned Dorset Sheep have resided in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains at the Cassell farm in Wytheville,Virginia.

In 2001, Leon celebrated having owned and registered Horned Dorset Sheep (or Dorset Horn Sheep as they were originally called)for 50 years.

Here's what our Cassell ewes look like today.