2024 Ohio Dorset Sale: The National Dorset Sale: Greenville, OH: March 15 and March 16

Champion Ram and Best Headed Ram
17-Fall Yearling Ram PRC W8832 --- 760378
B: 09/02/2022 Twin
S: PRC W8280 740004
D: SHOTTS 2234 739502

Second Slick Yearling Ewe
19-SLICK Yearling Ewe PRC W8940 B: 02/16/2023 Twin
S: PRC W8280 740004
D: PRC W8418

Second Early Fall Ewe Lamb
20-Early Fall Ewe Lamb

Reserve Champion Ewe
22 Slick Fall Ewe Lamb

First Late Fall Ewe Lamb
21-Late Fall Ewe Lamb

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