2022 Ohio Dorset Sale: The National Dorset Sale: Greenville, OH: March 18 and March 19
We Brought--
Fall Yearling Ewe--EGC5727--National Champion Ewe--High Selling Horned Dorset

Spring Yearling Ewe--W8565--First Place Spring Yearling Ewe

Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe--W7532--Reserve Senior Champion Ewe

Early Fall Ewe Lamb--W8632--First Place Early Fall Ewe Lamb

Late Fall Ewe Lamb--W8641--National Reserve Champion Ewe

Winter Ewe Lamb--W8762--First Place Winter Ewe Lamb

Early Fall RAM Lamb--W8626--National Champion Ram

No Picture: However We Also Had:
Reserve Junior Champion Ewe: Slick Shorn Fall Ewe Lamb

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