Herd Rams

At Cassell Horned Dorsets, we use a large variety of herd rams from various bloodlines to produce lambs to fulfill every customer's needs.

National Grand Champion Ram: NAILE 2014: PULLED FOR SUPREME

Winter Ram Lamb: PRC PR76

Early Fall Ram Lamb: Cassell W6730: Second Place NAILE 2014

Look at the bone and substance and traditional breed type in this ram!

Spring Ram Lamb: Cassell W6800: First Place NAILE 2014

W6502:NAILE 2013 Champion Ram and 2014 NAILE Reserve Senior Champion Ram
Shown by Shotts Horned Dorsets

(Owned With Shotts Horned Dorsets)

PRC W6695: 2014 NAILE Junior Show Champion & 2014 NAILE Junior Reserve Champion Ram
Shown by Christina Shotts

(Owned with Shotts Horned Dorsets)

Cassell W5361
Born: 10/8/2010 TW
Sire: Mary Ann Cassell W3732
Dam: Allen 4516
Comments: This ram is designed for one purpose: to make great muscled and topped slick-shorn sheep. We've worked on our slick shorn program and are very proud of the power and straightness that this ram offers. He won the 2011 NAILE and Ohio State Fair Slick Shorn Class!

Shott 6552 "Sure Shot"
Born: 10/28/2009
Sire: Shott 826
Dam: Shott 712
Comments:Paul was sure that he needed this ram when he saw him. He throws lambs with great tops, plenty of size and good muscle dimension.

Mary Ann Cassell W3732 "New Tradition"
Born: 3/18/2009
Sire: L. Thompson OR 263
Dam: PRC W2218
Comments:This ram is working great in our slick shorn program..

Australian Ram:Rose Hill 192
Comments:In 2012 Paul imported semen from a great ram produced by Evan Wright in Australia. We can't wait to get our first lambs out of this new genetics.
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