The Spilde Foundation Flock:
Paul R. Cassell Horned Dorsets

"First Class"

In December 1997, Paul Cassell bought the Spilde Horned Dorset Flock including "First Class", the 1997 NAILE Champion. Since purchasing the flock, Paul has added select ewes from his Cassell Foundation Flock into the Spilde Flock so that the current flock has approximately 100 breeding ewes.

Paul has had great success with the Spilde breeding. The Spilde Flock is selected for quality and consistency. The brood ewes are stylish, but also have the capacity and "do-ability" to lamb successfully and to be productive.

In 2005, the National Champion and record high selling Ewecame from the flock. The National Champion Ram also came from the flock as did the Junior Champion Ewe.

In 2004, the National Champion Ewe and recent high selling ewe (at the Ohio Dorset Sale) came from Paul's Spilde Foundation Flock. Both of Paul's 2004 NAILE Champions are also part of the Spilde Foundation Flock. Paul also was Premier Breeder at the 2004 NAILE.

Paul had Champion Ram and Champion Ewe at the 2003 NAILE and Ohio State Fair. He was also named Premier Breeder at both shows!

Also in 2003, Paul had the CHAMPION and HIGH-SELLING EWE at the Ohio Dorset Sale. Paul also had the RESERVE CHAMPION and HIGH-SELLING RAM.

At the 2002 Eastern Stud Ram and Ewe Sale, the 2002 National Dorset Show/Sale, Paul had the National Champion Horned Dorset Ewe, the National Reserve Champion Ewe,and the National Champion Horned Dorset Ram. At the 2002 Ohio Dorset Sale, Paul had the CHAMPION EWE, and RESERVE CHAMPION EWE, and the RESERVE CHAMPION RAM.

In 2001, Paul won the NATIONAL CHAMPION EWE honors. The Cassell Horned Dorsets consignment to the 2001 National Sale, including Barbara & Leon's NATIONAL RESERVE CHAMPION RAM, averaged $850.00 and Cassell Horned Dorsets had both high selling ram and high selling ewe! Also in 2001, Paul had the NAILE CHAMPION EWE.

In 2000, Paul won PREMIER BREEDER honors at both the Ohio State Fair and NAILE (the most prominent Horned Dorset shows in the United States). Further, Paul had both NATIONAL CHAMPION RAM and NATIONAL CHAMPION EWE at the 2000 National Sale. A ram purchased from Paul and shown by John Mrozinski was also 2000 NAILE CHAMPION.

Paul currently has a wide selection of rams and ewes available for sale off the farm. Check out our "Available at the Farm" section for details.