Advantages of Cassell Horned Dorsets

Commercial breeders can use our rams and ewes for hybrid vigor, feed efficiency, great mothering qualities, and accelerated marketing.

New sheep producers can take advantage of the natural hardiness of Horned Dorsets and enjoy the uniqueness of this majestic breed.

Producers for ethnic markets can take advantage of the meatiness at an early age of the Horned Dorset lambs.

Horned Dorset breeders can find true genetic diversity by using our mid-west, west coast, and Appalachian bloodlines.

Horned Dorsets make unique mascots! The Winston-Salem State University, NC, mascot ram, is from our flock!

Horned Dorsets have it all:

The Continental Dorset Club has registered Horned Dorsets for 100 years (1998). For 92 of those years Cassell Horned Dorsets has been there!

For more information on the CDC and/or Dorset sheep contact: Debra Hopkins, P.O. Box 506, North Scituate, RI 02857, 401-647-4676, email: