NAILE Supreme Champion Ewe: Victoria


“Victoria” is a homegrown yearling ewe sired by Cassell W6502, the 2003 NAILE Champion Ram and our lead stud ram owned with Shott Horned Dorsets.
Her dam is from one of our oldest ewe families.
In 1985, we began showing nationally at the Ohio Dorset Sale and won the Reserve Champion Ram with one of Paul’s first lambs, PRC 8.
With that win, the family began over three decades of showing on the national level.
Leon, Barbara, Paul, Mary Ann, Diana and Todd showed together for years at almost any show or sale that would accept Horned Dorsets.
Over time, and with the contribution of many other dedicated breeders, Horned Dorsets steadily gained in popularity.
Now, “Victoria” is the first Horned Dorset awarded NAILE Supreme Champion honors.

We want to thank everyone that has offered us support, encouragement, or congratulations.
We extend special thanks to the judges that selected our ewe.
We also want to send a heartfelt thanks to all the other Horned Dorset breeders. It is our collective effort in improving the breed that made this possible.
Finally, we want to thank Ashley Craun, our friend, fitter and advisor…we couldn’t have done it without you.
For anyone interested in raising this majestic breed, we always have quality breeding stock available.
With over 200 brood ewes, we offer a wide variety of yearlings, fall born lambs, and spring born lambs, both fitted and slick.
We welcome more great breeders!


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