Fall Yearling Ewe--EGC5727--2022 National Champion Ewe--High Selling Horned Dorset To Date

Thank You Paige and Logan Minter
Thank You 2022 Buyers

Thank You 2022 Buyers!

Thanks to You,
2022 Will Be A Good Year!

Jordy Barnette
Russellville, TN

Betts Sheep Farm
Felton, DE

Adam Bryant
Nancy, KY

Chad and Hannah Epley
Winchester, OH

David Ernst
Lacoma, IA

Green Hill Farms
Churchville, VA

Daniel Holbrook
Laotto, IN

Houfe Dorsets
Milton, WI

Tim & Jeane Mark
Sheldon, MO

Paige and Logan Minter
Reynolds, IN

Chris Oliger
Hagerstown, IN

Colton Rowland
Sheridan, IN

Wayne Shannon
Amanda, OH

MacKenzie Simpson
Jefferson Township, Pa

Ethan Smith
Windsor, IL

Jeb Stevens
Osgood, IN

Madelyn Syme
South Windsor, CT

Wesley Vanfossen
Kimbolton, OH

Kevin Whitmer
Greenville, OH