Last Year's Stud Rams Sold Across the Country

Name: PRC W105
DOB: 10-8-03
Birth Type: TW
Sire: "Splash": L.Thompson Y0450
Dam: L. Thompson Y0392
Third in his class at 2004 NAILE; WON his class at the 2004 OHIO STATE FAIR
Comments: W-105 was third in his class at NAILE and won his class at the Ohio State Fair. He continues to grow and looks great! Thank you, John and Peggy Fine, for purchasing this great ram. ---SOLD!!!---

Name: PRC W 48
DOB: 9-17-03
Birth Type: S
Measurement: 31 3/4" x 33 1/2"
Sire: PRC 9815
Dam: Allen 4780
Comments: A big, thick, massive ram with excellent breed type and lots of growth for his age. He has been a favorite of visitors to the farm since he was a lamb.---SOLD!!!---

Name: PRC W 98
DOB: 10-9-03
Birth Type: TW
Measurement: 33 3/4" x 33"
Sire: L.Th. Y0450
Dam: PRC LB 92
Comments: His dam was the 2001 Ohio State Fair Champion Ewe and is out of the same ewe family that has produced "Aspiration" (the 2001 NAILE Champion Ewe)and "Just Cause" (our homegrown stud ram). He's the best fall ram we have and will be our entry to the Ohio Dorset Sale in 2005 if not purchased before that time. We believe he is something really special.----SOLD!!---

Name: PRC W 306
DOB: 2-4-04
Birth Type: TW
Measurement: 30 1/2" x 34"
Sire: L.Th. OR60
Dam: Swartz 150
Comments: The ram's sire was the 2003 NAILE and Ohio State Fair Champion Ram.This ram's dam was the 2003 NAILE Ohio State Fair Champion Ewe.It doesn't get any better than that.--SOLD!!!--

Name: TAC W 296
DOB: 1-22-04
Birth Type: TW
Measurement: 29" x 32"
Sire: L.Th. OR60
Dam: L.Th. Y0390
Comments: The photo doesn't do this ram justice. He is the most extended, longest- profiling ram in the pen. His dam has been an extremely consistent producer for us.--SOLD!!!--

Name: PRC W 305
DOB: 1-24-04
Birth Type: Embryo Transfer
Measurement: 29 1/2" x 31"
Sire: PRC 9815
Dam: PRC LB 335
Comments: Another excellent ram from my ET program. His dam is a sister of my stud, "First in Class" and the 2002 National Champion Ewe. This ram's grand-dam is the dam of "First Class", the 1997 NAILE Champion Ram."First Class's" daughters are the core of my breeding program. My lead ewe lamb on this year's showstring is another ET daughter out of LB 335.--SOLD!!!--

Name: Mary Ann Cassell W242
DOB: 12-11-03
Birth Type: S
Measurement: 29" x 31"
Sire: "Just Cause" PRC LB283
Dam: MaryAnnCassell O 191

Name: Cassell W318
DOB: 2-16-04
Birth Type: TW
Measurement: 28" x 29 1/2"
Sire: L.Th. OR60
Dam: Cassell G746
Comments: This ram's dam was the 2001 NAILE Reserve Champion Ewe and is also the maternal siste to "Milestone", the 2001 Reserve National Champion Ram.---SOLD!---

Name: Cassell W337
DOB: 2-10-04
Birth Type: S
Measurement: 28" x 29"
Dam:Comments: This is one of our best rams from the Cassell Foundation Flock. He has beautiful breed type coupled with excellent bone and muscling. ---SOLD!---


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