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The Three Virginia Charters (1606+1609+1612) = America's Birth Certificate!
They extended Magna Carta's Judeo-Christian system of "Common Law"
into English N. America, ==> U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights.
Bible-teaching schools were, & still are, integral to Liberty.
Pocahontas requested the 1619 Henricus Colledge.

America's 1st Colledge ~ Revived
Historic Virginia "Providential" Teaching Ministry.

Magna Carta ==> VIRGINIA (1606-1624) ==> USA Republic
Virginia Co Records: Recently rescued from Archival Obscurity!
3,000+pgs: Actual words in the planning // planting of America.
Wow!: How far modern-day Historians have erred from Truth!
CAUTION: This site is historically, NOT politically, correct!
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