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Jem & The Holograms

Jem and the Holograms was a great 80's cartoon about an all girl rock band who was making their way in the world of rock-n-roll. Growing up a lot of little girls, including myself, wanted to BE Jem, or at least grow up to be like Jem. The cartoon was very realistic of the 80s including fashions and slang of the 80s. It was a great representative of the 80s.

The Band

They are owned by Starlight Music. Jem and the Holograms performed benefits for the Starlight Foundation, which was a home for foster girls.

Jerrica Benton

Jerrica was the President of Starlight Music and ran the Starlight Foundation. At night she uses Synergy to become Jem. Rio, who is her boyfriend, was usually with her.


She's Jerrica Benton's other half, and the lead singer of Jem and the Holograms. Jem stays busy acting, traveling, dating Rio and being a rock star.

Kimber Benton

She's the youngest of the Hologram, with a lot to learn, but good music and a large heart! Kimber plays keyboards and guitar.

Aja Benton

Aja Benton is an adopted Benton, playing guitar in the band. She is into fitness since she worked as a Starlight girl and goes as far to give free aerobic lessons.

Shana Elmsford

Shana plays drums and guitar in the band. She is Big on Loyalty when it comes to her friends. She is a fashion designer at heart. She designed a lot of the outfits the band wore.


Raya is the new drummer of the band because she joined while Shana was gone. After finding out Jem's secret she stayed and became friends with the group. Raya is from a large Hispanic family living in LA.


Jem and the Holograms had LOTS of friends. The group made most of their friends thru working with the band. They always had friends just like them, well at least with big hearts anyway.


She's the reason Jem exists. She is connected to the star earrings that Jerrica wears. She projects a hologram of Jem when she hears "Showtime, Synergy" and shuts off at "Shows over, Synergy".


She's the band's choreographer. Danse had been trained in dance as a child since her mother was a famous dancer in Yugoslavia. She volunteers at the Haven House, which is a place for runaways.


She is a famous filmmaker, who is currently directing the music videos for Jem and the Holograms. She travels with the group and is friends with the group. Although Video is Clash's cousin and Clash always tries to deceive Video.


Lindsey is the hottest VJ for VTV. She has her own show called Lin-Z TV and plays Jem's videos for free. Lindsey and Jem became friends over problems with the Misfits, and are very close.


Rio has issues with Jem & Jerrica. He is Jerrica's boyfriend and Jem's stage manager. He is in love with them both, and has competition when Riot goes after Jem.


Riot is the lead singer of the Stingers. He has a big ego and is under the impression he can get whatever he wants, which happens to be Jem. He was starting to become friends with the Holograms when the show ended.

The Misfits

The Misfits are owned by Misfit Music. As rivals, they are always in competition with the Holograms for the spotlight. Pizzazz, the leader, is willing to do anything to get there too, but things never seem to work out for her. The Misfits have strong irritating personalities ,therefore making people not like them.


She's the ringleader of the Misfits and Jem's arch-nemesis. She is a spoiled daddy's girl. She competes with Jem because Jem is in the spotlight, and has Riot's attention and affection.


She is the toughest of the Misfits. If she wants something, NOTHING or NOONE will stop her.


She is the only Misfit with any real talent, and surprisently a good heart. She was actually friends with the Holograms for a while, but returned to the Misfits. Stormer's low self-esteem keeps her with the group.


She came from England to play Saxophone for the Misfits. She is the newest edition to the band. She joined when Raya joined the Holograms. She is a pathological liar, and goes out of her way to hurt people.


She is the cousin of Video and constantly creates problems. She is not a official Misfit but Pizzazz uses her to create problems for the Holograms

Eric Raymond and Techrat

Eric, the manager of the Misfits, was once a co-owner of Starlight music, but Jerrica wouldn't let him take over. Then he waged war. Techrat is a wacky inventor who really cared for the technology he created to combat Jem

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JEM ON DVD IN 2004!- Animation Insider reports that the first 26 episodes of Jem will be released on a four DVD set by Rhino in early 2004. It will feature an interview with Christy Marx, series writer, who has confirmed the new DVD set! This is the first time JEM has been released on DVD. Rhino released two VHS in 1999 and 2000 of Jem.

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