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System Work

I am going to allow some alters to begin showing you some of the internal mechanisms they have discovered. Remember, if you are a survivor your experience might be completely different.

I only show you so you can see the general form things take for us. I was very reluctant to accept the literalness of the internal programming devices. I am talking here about deliberately created system structures designed by abusers with their own agendas. They didn't have my best interest at heart. This first example shows a mechanism they set up to plunge my system into chaos.

Notice the brilliant colors the kids are wearing. Arianna tells me that during the Scylla and Charybdis episode the distinctive colors of alters are replaced by an alter wearing a "coat of many colors." This is so nobody can tell who she is or where she is from. Suddenly I understand some of the chaos I sometimes am in. This is not a self-defense mechanism we have developed but a cruel trick of our abusers. I think this must be from mind control rather than a satanic ritual. I am glad we know now and can help the kids involved, especially the one in the "coat of many colors."