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Bottoms Up Divers, Inc.

Bottoms Up Divers, Inc., a dive club based in central Virginia (Richmond, Hopewell, Colonial Heights area) is comprised of individuals from throughout central Virginia who are interested in scuba diving and in the exploration of the underwater world. The club offers experiences in all phases of sport diving including photography, spearfishing, wreck diving, nature study and artifact hunting and provides the membership with safe,organized diving activities.

Membership is open to all safe divers. Annual dues are $10.00 individual / $20.00 family. The monthly club meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month, in area restaurants. The newsletter is published and e-mailed the week prior to the meeting. For further information, contact any of the following 2016 year officers. The meetings are open to all with an interest in diving. Please join us if you are interested in underwater fun!


President...............Rob Magruder .........836-7293

Vice President..........Robert Sawyer.........305-5374

Secretary/Editor....... Joe Crockett.........640-4452

Treasurer..............Scott Robinson ........257-9927

Director ..............Leslie Murdock.........

Director................J.D. Shelton........240-0061

Safety Officer........Bobby Clark...........839-1072

Date            Location          Divers         Approx. cost/day      First sign ups  

2016 Trip Leaders May Discovery Leslie June Discovery Joe July Discovery Scott August Discovery Steve Sept Atlantis/TBA Oct. Atlantis/TBA

May 14, 15 Beaufort, NC 8 + 1 $105.00 - $125.00 February June 11, 12 Beaufort, NC 8 + 1 $105.00- $125.00 March July 16, 17 Beaufort, NC 8 + 1 $105.00 - $125.00 April Aug 13, 14 Beaufort, NC 8 + 1 105.00- 125.00 May Sept TBA Atlantic Beach 6 $130.00 - $180.00 June Oct. TBA Atlantic Beach 6 $130-180.00 July Prices may be adjusted later. Beaufort bunkhouse is $20.00/night. The Beaufort weekend dives are at Discovery Diving with Captain Terry Leonard. Possible private boat Virginia Dives---Attend the meetings.

You are committed to dive all days listed for a club dive. One day's deposit ($105.00) is required in order to put your name on the dive roster. Member's dues must be current to sign up and dive.

Please note that the prices listed are tentative and are for diving only, unless listed otherwise. These prices could change prior to the dive. Discussion is continuing for other dives for the 2016 schedule. Attend the meetings and make your desires known. Volunteer to lead a trip to somewhere that you want to go. Chances are there others in the club that may want to go there too.

Meetings: Second Wednesday at area restaurants, Social at 6:30, Meeting and Program/Dive Planning at 7:30. Call one of the officers for the meeting locations.

Lodging for the 2016 May, June, July and August schedule at Discovery is in the West bunkhouse.

Our schedule requires substantial membership participation. You need to plan to dive and be willing to sign up with your deposit.

This web page is always under construction. Call to get comments to Joe Crockett (640-4452) last updated 2-10-16.

NOTE! Some of the links below are experiencing bad viz. Dive in later. Check out the link to the lionfish sighting information and the Ocean Conditions Map.

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