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I am the List keeper for the OV-10 Bronco Association. I have been involved over the past five years in tracking down current and former Marine, Navy, Air Force and Civilian OV-10 Community Members. These people were assigned to the VMO Squadrons (USMC), VAL-4 for the (USN) and TASS Squadrons for the USAF. Others may have been assigned to supporting units and civilians affiliated with the manufacturing and support of the aircraft. As of July 24, 2001 we have had contact with over 1800 of our estimated 28,000 people. In addition we have a roster with an additional 2,100 names of Marines, Navy and Air Force personnel whom we are trying to locate.

All Community Members are required to Check in with the Sergeant Major

Private entries only; not accessible to the public at Eminent Presence WEB Site

Guest Book for the OV-10 Community

This guest book is open to the public. It is great if you are looking for someone, but it is open source.

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If anyone is willing to assist, please contact me at .

For more information about the OV-10 and the Squadrons, which operated them, visit our Community WEB Site at .

OV-10 Community Lists

These lists contain the information on people we have accumulated since we began our quest to identify and locate OV-10 Community Members who were in VMO-1, VMO-2, VMO-3, VMO-4, VMO-5, VMO-6, VMO-7, VMO-8, HAMS-36, HAMS-11, HAMS-24, MALS-36 Flight Section (USMC), VAL-4 (USN), 19th TASS, 20th TASS, 22nd TASS, 23rd TASS, 27th TASS, 704th TASS, 601st TASS (USAF). The Contact Lists are categorized the following lists Marines Contact (USMC), Marines No Contact (USMC), Navy Contact (USN), Navy No Contact (USN), Air Force Contact (USAF), Air Force No Contact (USAF), Deceased Community Members , Civillian Contact , Civillian No Contact , OV-10 Fans , and Miscellanious/Unknown  (last updated 09/13/2003). The contact list contain the names of the people we have communications with by E-mail or Mail Addresses. The no contact have the people we know are community members who we have had no contact with or have lost contact with them. The miscellaneous/unknown list has the names of people, who have some affiliation with the OV-10, but their names came from sources with no unit or other information. If you can assist in any way locating others by sending information such as cruise books, personnel rosters, riffle range orders, TAD orders, Names from flight logs and records etc, it would be appreciated and helpful to our efforts. Please send any of these lists to me.

You too can help with the SAR effort for the OV-10 Community, if you have time to search the Internet and want to volunteer, please contact me and I will give you the directions and information needed.

Community Patches, Shirts, and Hats

View the Marine OV-10 Era Patches

View the Navy Patches

I have researched the Marine and Navy OV-10 Community's Squadron Insignias. Up to this date, I have identified 23 official or semi-official patches, and have had 20 reproduced. These are available for purchase at Eminent Presence.

Other OV-10 Related Merchandise at our association PX

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Other meeting places for the OV-10 Community people are:

The Yahoo site listed is an OV-10 Bronco forum site

  OV-10 Bronco Association Fans E-Group

 Yahoo OV-10 Community.

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The OV-10 Fans E-Group is sponsored by the OV-10 Bronco Association. It maintains a communication link for the people who sign on. This E-Group can be accessed through the link above, OV-10 Bronco Association Site, or by contacting Jim Hodgson Email:

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