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AVSA lyrics

Track Listing (+ denotes instrumental)

Crimson blood of martyrs that were harlots for the cause
Spilled in vain and sacrificed to conceal every flaw
A smiling, trusted hand has thrust a knife into my back
But targets never really get the chance to counter-attack

Crossed that line and told your lies in every word you said
Sold me out in plans devised to move you far ahead
Now I won't be pushed around, this fight's not getting cleaner
I've got two devils on my shoulders, one's mean and the other's meaner

When you want it, you can have it
But once you've lost it you can never get it back
The way that it always goes down
The one's who never rock it are the one's that always run it
And we've go to take them down

So Much for the Happy Ending
Blind faith leads us down the road to many things
And blind luck aids in every second chance
So when all comes to pass and is viewed in jealousy
Shall regret concede to a lifetime gone to fast

So much for the happy ending this time
And so much for the sappy ways I confessed to you
And so much for the laughing at my mistakes
And so much for the crafty phrasing...wasted

Blindly stumbling in and out of circumstance
And blindly lead to believe each new one will last
Learning from consequences past means nothing
And accepting with trust is an invitation to the past
So much for the happy ending this time
And so much for the sappy ways I confessed to you
And so much for the laughing at my mistakes
And so much for the crafty phrasing...

Spent in a desperate cry
After this long I'm wondering why
Has it all been worth it to faux revenge
When the story never seems to end

Giving up and falling down
Hiding out in surround sound
Words expressed or just misunderstood
A travesty of how it should be

When it re-evolves, lying in state
Losing out and cursing fate
Not one to blame but it's still the same
They weren't cheap shots, they just needed names

And I never thought it would go this far
The weight on my shoulders, a fallen star
Gave in to a new romance and ended up in the usual trance
I never learned, I never regained
What I thought I'd escaped it still remains
Time moves on, but the future is stained
With the blood of the past and the thoughts betrayed

All life is, is suffering
The path to happiness lies in alleviating your suffering
But happiness holds a dark surprise
Happiness just leads to more pain and suffering

All love is, is suffering
The road to love is littered with those that are suffering
But suffering is a false disguise
Suffering can lead to even more and more love

French kissing tongues that lie
Staring deep into eyes that'll make you cry
Hold the hands that tear your flesh away
Pretty girls make graves

The death of this world that you keep deep inside you
While all along I've wanted to be beside you
Our love driving forward through the darkness of night
But disaster struck once you gave into hindsight
The fires of passion going down in flames
As I watch my dearest love ever, slip away
I will always be your eternal slave
Because I still haven't learned that pretty girls make graves

Jet Engines & Traffic Lights
Do you remember how we used to sit and watch the traffic from our window seats as we flew over this town?
Remember crashing when we saw the engines had given out so we planned death from above for those down below?

But they wouldn't die, they'd go on with all their closed up minds in the city of seven hills topped with seven deadly sins.
This is where it ends and this is how it all shall come to pass as everyone forgets where exactly they went wrong.

Jet engines and traffic lights, the only sights and sounds tonight
A cold wind blowing through my bones
I feel my age as I'm getting old

Jet engines and traffic lights, lead me safely home tonight
A cold wind blowing down dark roads
Time moves on as I'm leaving home
Well I can't change this time, and if I did I'd make that mistake again of growing old

Seduction Overture
Forget the past, the future's cradled in our hands and brushed between the lips in whispers and in kisses sweetly missed, for
so long I have wished for someone to deceive my heart's disgust and former pain of lesser chance and forced desires, I think you're the one to...

An overture runs through my head, raising beliefs that everything can change for once, for the better, and lead us into
relinquished dreams, so once again I always want to know that you'll need me forever, like I think of you, let's leave it to chance, throw out circumstance and...

Take me, break me, make me yours
Take me, break me, make me whole again
Take me, break me, make me everything
Take me, break me, make me...

Long Distance, Short Term
Torn again, do you have no shame?
I am changed, my love, but you're still the same
Drawn in close, so close that I burn in this long distance and even shorter term

And you lead me down the roads never tread before
And you made me feel so alive and new
A year to live but nothing left to do because I died a million times before
For you.

We all have a journey we must make on our own so farewell, farewell
The waves will crash and stars will clash while all the while I bid you farewell, farewell

Just as sure as the moon suspends in the night sky
Amidst the glow of fireflies
We must go our separate ways but we'll meet again...


My pain, my love, my truth, my youth, my fears, my doubts, my anger
Without you I'm growing stronger everyday, farewell...

We all have a journey we must make on our own so farewell, farewell
Next time we meet we'll be within the grace of falling snow...