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The modern world is filled with billion dollar corporations that are so focused on making money that they often overlook that it is the people that keep them in business. In the pursuit of obtaining a quick profit, quality is often overlooked. Large record companies throw their support to bands that have the flashiest images or the highest priced managers and often never give a second thought to a smaller band that is low on funds but flowing with creativity. Isn't it time for the people to be given a voice?

Batty Records is a small, independent label that has just been started and seeks to circulate the best and most innovative music that is made by bands who would normally not be given a chance at many higher profile labels just because of a lack of funding.

Bands that are affiliated with Batty Records enter under an oral agreement with the head of the label, Jeff Roop, a musician as well as music lover, to work with rather than for the label to have their songs recorded, produced, and distributed for as little money as possible that will ensure a quality product. Not only does this process get the music to new listeners, it also provides the artists with a creative control that is not found at many labels. Although Batty Records is a low budget operation it has the highest respect for its artists and seeks to be a vehicle to garner more attention for deserving music rather than be a money making machine.

It is time to give the common person a voice as well as a beat to dance to! By working together, Batty Records may be able to reach more people with the same ideals and possibly send a message to the corporate fat cats that there is great music to be found out in the world if they would take the time to look beyond the glitter and the flash.

Artists, Friends, and Various Links:
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