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Design Specifications Of The Tour:



Unless specific arrangements are made to the contrary, the following requirements must be completed before the load-in time, which has been set at 08.00 for all venues.

1(a) Pink Floyd require a stage area as per the attached plan. This stage should be a scaffold platform of interlocking tubular structure capable of sustaining up to 500 kg of equipment per square metre. The surface of the finished deck should be fireproofed, plywood, stable and have no flexibility and be level with no irregularities to ensure adequate support to equipment which is highly sensitive to vibration and movement. The deck should be freshly painted with matte black stage covering indicated, and completely clear of any equipment other than Pink Floyd's. The sides of the stage platform should be covered with matte black material wherever visible by the audience. A security barrier 1 metre 20 high is to be erected around the stage at a distance of between 1 m and 1 m 50.

The stage must be 24 metres across by 10 metres deep and shaped according to the enclosed stage plan, with two sets of stairs and a loading ramp.

The arena floor must be strengthened in the areas marked, to support the weight of the hydraulic towers (approximately 5,000 kilogrammes each).

The optimum stage height required is 1 m 85, but a height of...* can be accepted.

(b) The projection tower must be of an extremely stable construction, capable of supporting a highly sensitive cine projector and other delicate equipment of approximate total weight 750 kg. It is essential that the positioning and dimensions of this tower are exactly as specified on the attached plan. Platform dimensions are 4 metres by 4 metres at an exact height of 5 m 40 above stage level. Provisions must be made to lift the projector and associated equipment onto the platform and exact details will be arranged at each venue. The projector dimensions are 2 m 20 in height, 1 m 20 wide, 1 m 80 long and 500 kg in weight.

The tower is to be equipped with a 90 cm safety rail on four sides and a 2 m 20 rail on the back and sides. For those venues where the projector is to be raised through the tower itself, the structure of the tower is to be continued to a height of 4 meters above the platform level, and topped with a rigid steel joist and block and fall or chain hoist. There should be no structural uprights on the front of the tower above the platform level.

(c) Quadraphonic speaker platforms--three scaffolding towers will be required of rigid construction and located according to plan, or as specified by our representative. These towers should be 2 metres high by 4 metres long by 2 metres deep, with 3 metres overhead clearance. The area directly below these towers will contain highly valuable equipment, so each tower should be surrounded by the 1 m 20 security barriers.

(d) An area no less than 6 metres wide by 5 metres deep on the ground floor audience level at the exact centre of the house i.e. equidistant from stage front and house rear, left and right, must be reserved for the sound and light mixers. Contained in this area is to be a platform 5 m wide by 1 m 20 deep and with a height of 75 cm. This platform must be able to support equipment weighing 500 kg. Behind this platform seating must be supplied for Pink Floyd's technicians who will be operating the sound and lighting for the duration of the concert. It is essential that the whole area is surrounded by a secure barrier (1 m 20 high) See hall plan for further details.

2 The area above the stage must be clear of any hanging obstruction to a height of 15 metres to allow clearance for equipment to be flown over the stage.

3 (a) We will supply a fire-proofed drape (Duvetyne) of finished width 30 metres and depth 15 metres made up of four sections each weighing approximately 50 kgs. We require the necessary lines and bars to hang this drape in a position which will be arranged at the technical meeting and then be entered on the hall plan.

(b) 6 metres from the front of the projection tower, we require facilities for flying a circular 9 metre projection screen. The screen frame and material weigh approximately 250 kgs. The optimum screen hanging arrangements is as shown. All lines L1, L2 and the tensioning line should comfortably reach the stage level. All lines must be black.

Referring to (a) and (b) above, the Duvetyne drape and black lines L1 and L2 will be delivered to each venue during the afternoon preceding the load-in day.

(c) Any additional work required for the attachment of the inflatable wire to the various points on the arena walls must be completed before the load-in time.

4 The power requirements and positioning are as per the attached sheet. All cable runs must be terminated with suitable disconnects, and ready for use.

5 The optimum follow spot requirement is as follows; Eight Super Trouper follow spots must be provided for each performance no later than 14.00 on the day of the performance and should be equipped with the following Roscolene filters:

841 Surprise pink

817 Deep golden amber

839 Rose purple

866 Deep urban blue

823 Medium red

877 Medium blue green

Eight qualified and experienced operators, who must be able to understand simple lighting cues in English, should be called no later than half an hour prior to the time of the performance. At your venue it has been agreed that the deployment of the spotlights is as entered by the hall plan and that the number of lights will be...*, supplied by...*, and...*, local operators will be required.

6 The stage and all facilities of the building should be made available to the Pink Floyd at 08.00 on the day of the load-in. No outside events, such as rehearsals by other artist, preparations for future events, or major maintenance operations should be allowed to take place at any time between 08.00 on the day of the load-in and the time when all the equipment belonging to Pink Floyd has been removed from the auditorium.

7 Pink Floyd require access for equipment trucks at 08.00 on the day of the set up. Sixteen stage hands should be provided, including a nominated representative to receive instructions for his crew from either Graeme Fleming (productions, lighting, and effects), Mick Kluczynski or Robbie Williams (sound and stage). This stage crew will be required to both off-load and on load the equipment from truck to stage at both the beginning and the end of the general setting up and breaking down of the equipment for the concert.

8 (a) Two fork lift units with two experienced drivers should be provided for the load in (08.00) and load-out of all Pink Floyd equipment. Both should have a 1,000 kg load capacity and should be in good working order.

(b) Two motorised trolly units suitable for interior use must also be provided.

9 A minimum of two qualified electricians, including the chief house electrician, are to be available at 09.00 on the day of the set up and also, if applicable, on the day of the performance to connect (and stand by and disconnect) all electrical power supplies required as according to the rider. Two riggers, independent of the stage crew, to be made available at 08.00 on the day of the load-in and also for the duration of the show and for de-rigging. At venues where the load-in occurs the day before the performance, the number of stage hands required for the day of the performance to be arranged.

10 On the day of the load-in, a sit down hot meal is to be served between 12.00 and 13.00 for the Pink Floyd crew (twenty people), local stage crew, and house staff involved in setting up the show. This meal must be served in a civilized manner with place settings. In view of the "take aways" suffered in the past, the proposed menu should be given careful consideration.

11 Four 10 kg CO2 fire extinguishers to be provided at the venue along with two large fire blankets.

12 Grame Fleming will make all decisions as to the use and deployment of any stage lighting facilities, including follow spots, instruments and control boards. He will give all light cues and have final approval of staging of Artists' equipment, including lighting and communication equipment and also have complete artistic control over all the above facilities.

13 A representative of the Pink Floyd (Norman Perry) will be at the venue the day before the set-up to supervise all the installation with reference to the Pink Floyd show. He is to have absolute authority in connection with all matters relevant to the Pink Floyd.

During the load-in and concert days, a representative from the promoters and a representative of the building, must be present at all times to deal with any problems which may arise. Any immediate queries regarding sound and related considerations, should be addressed to Mick Kluczynski; queries regarding overall production, lighting and special effects, to Graeme Fleming (England).

14 Pink Floyd will supply their own sound/lighting/communication systems and these will only be available for use by Pink Floyd.

15 No other person than the Artists or the Artists' direct employees will be allowed on stage one hour before the concert starts, and no announcements will be made during the fifteen minutes prior to the concert. Otherwise, the Artists reserve the right to curtail their act without prejudice to their fee.


The power supplies listed below should be located according to the attached plan:


3 phase wire and earth (each phase 240 volts); 60 amps per leg; brought to base of projection tower.


The three 'audience' stations each require: Single phase plus earth; 60 amps; 240 volts


Single phase plus earth; 200 amps; 240 volts; Brought onstage (stage right).


3 phase 4 wire plus earth (each phase 240 volts); 200 amps per leg; Brought below the stage (stage right).


3 phase 4 wire and earth (each phase 240 volts); 60 amps per leg; Brought to below the stage (stage right).

* These details vary according to building

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