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Welcome to my humble home page.


I'm a wargamer from way back, but only a few years ago got into the miniatures side of the house.

I could say I'm "Into" the following:

I'm a Combat Engineer in the United States Army. I'm in C Company, 299 EN BN, 4th ID (M), Fort Hood, TX 76544.

New Rome
As many of you may have noticed from the title of this page, one of my interests is the Roman Empire from Constantine I Isoapostolis to Constantine XI Dragases.

The True Quill
I've been reading science fiction ever since my father introduced me to it at a young age.

Favorite Authors include:

  • Tom Clancy--and yeah, he's not usually considered SF. But Cardinal of the Kremlin certaintly was, HFRO is pushing it, and there are similarities of theme between the above and TC.

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