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Troubador by trade, Hopeless Romantic by nature; such is the man who now stands before you: Medium of height with a lean muscled build, a deep tanned tone to his smooth, unblemished skin. A thick mane of shoulder length auburn hair conceals his slightly pointed ears most times, but the elven half of his heritage is always evident by his hazel, almond shaped eyes. Attired in a finely made billowing green shirt, and tight fitting soft brown leather pants, with boots to match, he still somehow always appears to be a bit unkempt--usually having a shirt tail untucked, or a boot flap flipped upward. From his belt hangs an ornate, golden hilted Rapier and Main-Gauche set, a gift from his human father to aid him in his travels. The intent of the gift falls a bit short though, as he's spent most of his time practicing with the lute strung across his back, rather than dallying in swordplay--so saying, he's oft times on the losing end of a battle, but it doesn't stop him from making an effort when the need to fight comes about. And despite all his practice, he's not the best of performers just yet, either.
A gatherer of exotic tales, lore, and knowledge, he is an adept at many skills, but a master of none. Add in a charming smile and some friendly mannerisms, and you've got the man known as Nemesio Dreamweaver...

Unlike so many, he was born into a quite happy home, having grown up amongst many loving family members, from both sides of his heritage. His father, Robert, was a human ranger who had settled down on the outskirts of the High Forest, who had a few children to his first love before she died due to an unfortunate accident. After a time, Nemesio's father had gotten over the loss, and fell for one of his forest friends, a wild beauty of a Wood Elf by the name of ( ), and after a few months, their relationship had produced a child, none other than Nemesio.
As a child, he spent much of his time at both his father's small farm, and amongst the tree homes of his mother's people. He learned to mesh the two cultures well, becoming a trusted forest friend, as well as a capable farmhand, gaining all the knowledge and skills both lifestyles had to offer.
Being half elven, he matured at a much slower rate than his human brothers and sisters, so they had all left home to make their own lives long before he was old enough to consider setting off on his own. His father was getting quite old by now as well, by human standards at least, but the man assured Nemesio that he would be fine, that the lad should give into his natural wanderlust. After getting some reassurances from his mother and her people that his father would be well taken care of, he decided to do just that, with all their blessings, and a few gifts to help him out.
So off he went into lands far and wide, travelling for a few years, making a living by putting on small performances here and there, even taking up a short adventure or two with some newfound friends. Many a lady had caught his eye during those travels, but none managed to catch hold of his wandering heart for long.
Now, once again, having stumbled across a 'sleeping beauty' in his travels, his hopelessly romantic heart has pulled him into a new cause, to save the one known as Aiyana Moonshyne from her present state, and mayhaps find himself the one woman who can settle him down....