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Ostellians: The Forgotten Race of Tele'Quinn

UPDATED: 3/7/2003

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Zantalaylia here guards the treasures and secrets hidden within this domain.
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Creatures of energy,
children of magic
all of them bound to one,
then worlds turn tragic.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire
are all elements that we desire
Power that creates, power that destroys
Order and choas, life and death..the circle is complete.

Mystery, intrigue, this we offer
we are the cycle that is eternity
eight is the number, our lands rich and green
most in slumber, silent we hide..rarely are we seen.

What is it outsiders seek from us?
Power? Plots? Or is it our secrets?
Whatever it may be, first you must find and open the gate
step through and you may meet your fate!

If you are now here, explore our world as you may
learn and gain all you can, for if you are wise
free you will go, beligerent, and it you deny
woe to you stranger, for you will not return to life alive!

((there are links below that will help you with information about the race and its players...please read carefully, and the notes at the bottom too, especially the credits!))

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Ostellians (3/6/2003)


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