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Johann (Adam may have been his middle name) HORN was born in Dohringer, on 04 Jul 1855; & died in Yonkers, New York, on 30 Dec 1924. Johann (John) was a Humanist & a Cabalist (a Jewish mystic sect). His father was Jewish & his mother was a Cabalist. Johann was a gardener & came from a poor family. He met & fell in love with Elisabeth Anna MEHLER, who came from a wealthy Catholic family.

I recall my grandmother, Selma HORN KOSTER, telling me that her father had spoken Yiddish. The Yiddish language is a member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. It is not a national language, but it is spoken by about 4 million Jews all over the world, especially in Argentina, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Romania, and the U.S.A. Before the annihilation of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, Yiddish was the language spoken by more than 11 million people. It arose (c.1100) out of a blend of a number of German dialects in the ghettos of Central Europe, and from there it spread to other parts of the world. Phonetically, Yiddish is closer to Middle High German than is modern German. Its vocabulary is basically German, but it has been enlarged by borrowings from Hebrew, Slavic, Romance languages, and English.

HORN - Jewish (Ashkenazic) - presumably from German HORN "horn", adopted as a surname for reasons that are not clear. It may be purely ornamental, or it may refer to the ram's horn (Hebrew - shofar) blown in the Synagogue during various ceremonies.

Elisabeth fell in love with handsome Johann, too. They wanted to get married, but both of their families were against it. Johann & Elisabeth (Photographs) did the only thing that they could - they eloped; and they came to the U.S.A. on their honeymoon.

Johann and Elisabetha may have arrived in New York City, on 22 June 1881, aboard the Frisia, which sailed out of Hamburg and Havre.The FRISIA was built by Caird & Co, Greenock in 1872 for Hamburg America Line. She was a 3,256 gross ton ship, length 349.5ft x beam 40.2ft, straight stem, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. There was accommodation for 90-1st, 130-2nd and 600-3rd class passengers.

Johann & Elisabeth had six children.

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Children of Johann (John) & Elisabeth HORN

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