Required Reading

Sorry folks,there isn't much to see here yet.
Fabbo books, designed to expand the mind in all the wrong (or maybe right?) directions:

1.Schroedinger's Cat Robert Anton Wilson
This hot puppy follows the path of one transexual's removed and taxidermized penis AROUND THE GLOBE, via the pope, some old ladies, and other amusing personalities, and then finally BACK TO THE HOME PORT!!2. Illuminatus! Robert Anton Wilson
*Both 1 and 2 are bizarre and not for the prudish or weak of heart. Reccommended for conspiracists and anarchists alike. The first time throught both of these texts is a really tough trip, and you'll be so shocked you prolly won't remember squat. So read them again. I promise you, you MIGHTfind the secret of the universe somewhere inside!*

3. The Princess Bride William Goldman
For those of you who dont' know, this book is THE BOMB. Its a fairy tale, but a very irreverent one. Here's what the back of the book has to say about itself:
"What happens when the most beautiful girl in the world marries the handsomest prince in the world and he turns out to be a son of a bitch?"-Del Rey Books
*This is MUCH better than the movie, and the movie kicked ass, so the book must be fab right?

4. The Sword of Samurai Cat Mark E. Rogers
*Hard to find and whimsical. VEERRYY funny.* Its a satire, Obviously, it makes fun of everything under the sun, including itself.

5. The increasingly inaptly named Hitchiker's Trilogy Douglas Adams
*ALL five books are greeeat. If you like Monty Python or Wayne's World, you'll love this.*

6. Exiles Melanie Rawn
*An uplifting novel for both the feminist and the magic buff.* Ita a mysogynistic flit through a fantasy land of bizarro politics where men wear high heels and spandex.

7. The Witches of Eastwick John Updike
(modern literature? How did THAT get in here?)
Anyhoo, the book is nothing like the movie. In the movie, you wind up seeing women resisting the temptation of the devil. In th ebook, they give in, then do their damndest to destroy the bastard.
8. The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood
This one you have to read for yourself, I cannot express the themes of this book adequately here. Its that good. Yes, its more SERIOUS reading, but its easy to read too. Nothing like Dickens.
9. Lords and Ladies Terry Pratchett
Yet another take on the world of the fictional cristianized witch, but this time it's a bloody lot of fun, with the KING of ABSURD footnotes!!
10. The Identity Matrix Jack L. Chalker
The beginning of this one is boring as hell, but it goes uphill fast. There's a lot of body switching, brain washing, falling in love, gender bending, prostitution, government conspiracies, aliens, you name it. Unfortunately, it seems that this guy persists in taking himself SERIOUSLY. Ah well.
11. Good Omens Neil Gaiman
A whole new approach to armageddon. I'm telling you, this is the SHIT. Its one of those wars were you undoubtedly root for the bad guys.

12. Neverwhere Neil Gaiman
People who fall through the cracks, and never return, fight a renegade angel and each other right under the good citizen's of London's noses... and no one bats an eyelash. Neil, you stinker. I love you.
Ok, You have your orders troops, now go visit your local bookstore!

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