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Michael F. Martelli, Ph.D. a,b,c,d

Erika L. Liljedahl, Psy.D. a,b

Nathan D. Zasler, M.D., F.A.A.P.M.R., F.A.A.D.E.P., C.I.M.E a,b

Treven C. Picket, PhD a,b

Thomas H. Byrnes a

Keith Nicholson, Ph.D. e

a Concussion Care Centre of Virginia Ltd., and Pinnacle Rehabilitation, 10120 West Broad Street, Suites G & H, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA

b Tree of Life, LLC, 10120 West Broad Street, Suites G & H, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA

c Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA

d Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, USA

e University of Toronto, Canada

CHAPTER 1: Explains the history and workings of the world wide web and internet delineates a rationale and methodology for the most efficient internet searches (see user's guide articles on this website).

SUBSEQUENT CHAPTERS: Include over 100 diagnostic and treatment categories (many with subcategories) with over 1200 links, each with an explicit description, allowing a selective approach to site surfing.


ETCETERAS (107 Total Categories, several with subcategories)


Council on Alcoholism and Other Chemical Dependencies of the Finger Lakes

Website provides information on effects of alcohol and marijuana, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, interventions, signs of alcoholism, campaigning, a self-test, additional substance abuse sites, etc.

Alcoholism Index

Webpage offers information on health and psychological effects of alcohol use, drinking and driving links, chatroom addresses, personal pages, codependency, support groups, anonymity on the Internet, treatments and interventions, etc.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Site offers information on publications, medical and alcohol-related databases, press releases, research programs, conferences, events, frequently asked questions, etc.

Department of Psychology/Addiction Research Unit/University at Buffalo

Webpage provides information on the neurological/biological basis of addiction and effects of drugs on the central nervous system.

University of Michigan Health System: Health Topics A to Z: Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs

Webpage offers information on alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens, with

links to websites focusing on symptoms and treatments for alcoholism and


National Families in Action: Drugs and the Brain

Site provides information on the effects of the following drugs on neurological functioning: alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, ice, inhalants, LSD, marijuana, PCP, steroids, tobacco, etc.

Center for Biomedical Informatics, State University of Campinas, Brazil: Brain & Mind

Website provides an electronic magazine on Neurosciences. Issue January-March 1999 provides information on: the "pleasure system," reward deficiency syndrome, drugs and society, effects of alcohol and cocaine in the brain, videoclips, and comments on the effects of sleep deprivation.

Manzano High School webpage

Webpage provides an article on "Getting Smashed: Effects of Ethanol on the Brain."

Medical Sciences Bulletin: Focus On Liver-Brain Relations in Alcoholics

Site offers information on Portal Systemic Encephalopathy (PSE), cognitive deficits, Liver-Brain Interactions, future research directions, etc.

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. The Official Journal of The Research Society on Alcoholism and International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism

This webpage contains a link to electronic journal articles on Alcoholism.

Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Website offers etiology and symptoms of FAS.

Alcohol Disabilities PrimerA Guide to Physical and Psychosocial Disabilities Caused by Alcohol Use

Site provides information on debilitating effects of alcoholism (e.g., disability, brain injury).

Queer Announce October 1998 Archive: Ecstasy Link to Brain Damage

Site offers information on symptoms linked to use of Ecstasy (e.g., brain damage, depression, anxiety, memory impairments).

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation

Webpage offers information on alcohol research, prevention, and health-related problems.

Working Effectively With Employees Who Have Sustained a Brain Injury

Website provides information on The Americans with Disabilities Act and issues related to hiring an individual with a traumatic brain injury, selecting accommodations for employees, and training tips.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Site provides the following on FAS: Definition, etiology, risk factors, prevention, symptoms, treatment, prognosis, complications, etc.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Web Site was created by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services of US and Canada. Provides AA fact file, information on qualifications for being an AA member, information to professionals, messages to teenagers, writing a letter to gain information, and more.

Working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Provides information for how to study and work the twelve steps toward recovery for alcoholism. Human Guides, Human Interests: Alcoholism

Site provides information on: Effects of Alcohol, Adult Children, Alternative Support Groups, Codependency, Christian Support, Conventions & Roundups, Daily Inspiration Pages, Depression & Alcohol, Domestic Abuse, Drunk Driving, Dual Diagnosis, Genetics of Alcoholism, Health Issues, Help for Families and Parents, MADD chapters, AA meetings, Medical Treatment, Personal Web Pages, Recovery Tools, Teens & Alcohol, Victims of DUI, Women's Health Issues, Workplace Issues, and more.

Yahoo Health

Website provides definitions, alternative names, history, incidence, treatments, and the emotional, physical, neurological, and cognitive effects of drugs such as marijuana, narcotic, heroin, peyote, LSD, PCP, cocaine, and cannabis. "Stages of juvenile drug use" and related substance abuse sites are listed.

Pennsylvania Department of Health Research & Information Clearinghouse

Webpage offers publications on the following topics: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Hallucinogens, Stimulants, Inhalants, Steroids, Tobacco, General Alcohol Information, DUI, Underage Drinking, Co-Dependency, Prevention Information, Research & Statistics, Violence & Abuse, Workplace Issues, Treatment, Mental Health Issues, Community Action, Minorities, Women & Pregnancy, General Health Information, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Immunization, STD's, Dental Health, High Blood Pressure, and Nutrition.

Smart Recovery

A nonprofit organization that offers free self-help groups nationwide for addictive behavior (alcohol, drug) based on motivational interviewing and rational-emotive behavior therapy. The four components: 1. Increasing motivation to quit 2. Recognizing and resisting urges 3. Learning emotional and self-managment skills 4. Developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Also provides legal advice regarding alternatives to 12-step based treatment ordered by courts.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Home page of real people, moms, dads, young people, and other individuals trying to strong drunk driving, support the victims, and prevent underage drinking. Site includes information, links, membership application, listing of chapters, statistics, news, online magazine, discussion, etc.


Any day now, we will add the complete work, including a first chapter delineating a rationale and methodology for the most efficient internet searches.

Until then, enjoy this sample....