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Jan's Dream and Vision

Wish that I could cure my ills

Find a life

Pay my bills

Know the lessons I should heed

Hear the words

Do the deed

Stop my mind from asking why

Live again

Never cry

Find the strength to love once more

See the light

Open door

Let forgiveness fill my heart

Give to others

Make a start

Here the answers which are true

Open mind

Have a clue

Leave the past where it belongs

Show some courage

Right my wrongs

Do not fear the need to trust

Open up

Break the crust

Be a person who can think

Find my talents

Do not shrink

Show the world that I can be

Worth a damn

A real me

Look with faith when comes tomorrow

Fill with Joy

Not with sorrow

Lastly I must find the way

Take the steps

Start today

By Jan Plott (2/20/2002)