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Synopsis of L.I.L. Degrees of Initiation

Synopsis of L.I.L. Degrees of Initiation

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

First Degree-Hierophant of Earth

In this Degree the Candidate is Initiated into the Lodge. It corresponds with Earth and entitles one to access the Lodge Temple at Will. Also, emphasis is added to Feasts and all Functions that relate to the material plane. The Brother or Sister is also taught the Magick of Money and Finance.

Second Degree-Hierophant of the Moon

In this Degree the Mysteries of the Rosy Cross are begun to be taught. It revolves also around Dream Control and Astral Projection and Magnetism. Initiates of this Degree begin to learn more about Sex Magick( as this degree surpasses O.T.O. Ninth Degree).

Third Degree-Hierophant of Tahuti

This Degree includes and surpasses the Mysteries of the Third Degree of Freemasonry. It corresponds to the God Tahuti and Instructs the Candidate on Creativity and Genius. Also the Mysteries of the Caduceus and L.P.D. are taught along with their Sex Magickal Implications. All systems of Divination are included here. Members of this Degree traditionally constitute the Officers of the Lodge. Each Third Degree Hierophant of Tahuti that is Master of his or her Lodges Chair interacts with the Inner Palace through the Overseer of the Temple of Ahathor Fourth Degree.

Inner Palace

Fourth Degree-Overseer of the Temple of Ahathor

This Degree and every one above it can only be obtained by recommendation of the Master Overseer. In this way the Degrees from Fourth Degree and up are Honourary Degree's.

The Overseer of the Temple of Ahathor begins to be Initiated into the Deeper Mysteries of Sex Magick. Included in this Degree are the Formuale of the Holy Royal Arch of Solomon and the Sacred Word. Thus, this Degree Transmits and Trancends the Magickal Essence of the Fourth through Thirteenth Degree's of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Members of this Degree either start a new Inner Palace Lodge or join an already existing one. Thus the Three Grades of Thelema are expressed in L.I.L. as the Outer Courtyard, Inner Palace, and Secret Palace. Every Initiate of this Degree is entitled to Charter Outer Courtyard Lodges under the Authority of the Inner Palace.

Fifth Degree-Spearman/woman of the War Boat of the Sun

This Degree is one in which the True Will of the Aspirant is Central. The Work of this Degree revolves around each Initiates H.G.A.( Holy Guardian Angel). By Understanding their True Will, they can contribute to the good of the Order in more specific ways. This Degree Contains the full Formulae of the Rose and Cross and is completely Superior to the O.T.O. Ninth Degree. It Imparts and Trancends the Magickal Essence of the Fourteenth through Eighteenth Degree's of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Also, all classes of Angelic Work fall into this degree. After a Member of the Fourth Degree Initiates several lodges they pass to the Authority of the Fifth Degree Spearman/woman of the War-Boat of the Sun. The Fourth Degree Overseer then begins to Initiate new Outer Courtyard Lodges of L.I.L.

Sixth Degree-War Lord ( High Priest of Ra-Hoor -Khuit )(Empress Overseer/War Lady )

Initiates of this Degree constitute the Officers of the Inner Palace Lodge. They are trained in the Methods and Techniques of War Magick and Initiated into the Mysteries of the Temple and the Priory of Sion. As Members of this Degree have Command of the Angelic Legions they begin to Work with and Control the Goetic and Demonic Forces. The Sixth Degree War-Lord is the Link between the Inner and Secret Palace. As such, only he Interacts with the Hierophant Minor of the Seventh Degree whose Authority the Inner Palace Lodge is under. This Degree Transmits and Trancends the Magickal Essence of the Nineteenth through Thirty-second Degree's of Freemasonry.

Secret Palace

Seventh Degree-Hierophant Minor ( The Mysteries of Amen )

The Seventh Degree Initiate is Taught the Esoteric Formulae of AMEN. Work begins with the Thirty Aethyrs of the Enochian System. The study of Government is also included here. Each Hierophant Minor Initiates Inner Palace Lodges under his Authority. They are his/her Children as it were. This Degree Transmits and Trancends the Magickal Essence of the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.

Eighth Degree-Hierophant Major ( High Priest or Priestess of Nuit )

The Eighth Degree begins Instruction in specialized Talismanic Magick. After the Seventh Degree Initiates a certain number of Inner Palace Lodges he passes them on to the Eighth Degree who works with them on Higher Levels.

Ninth Degree-Hierophant Supreme ( High Priest or Priestess of Ra-Hoor -Khuit )

This Degree is the College of the Holy Ghost within the Order of L.I.L. Members of this Degree are the Officers in a Secret Palace Lodge and operate as Viziers to the Pharoah of Each Country. This Degree includes the totality of Enochian Wisdom.

Tenth Degree Pharoah

This Degree is conferred upon only one Member in each Country. They are the Ultimate Authority in their respective areas, and Work under Warrant from the Master Overseer. Included here is the Magick of Eugenics.

Eleventh Degree-Master Overseer

This is the Ultimate Authority in L.I.L.. His or her Power is Absolute yet he or she does not interfere in the Work of each country unless he or she deems it necessary. The Master Overseer holds his or her Office for Life unless proven guilty of Financial Fraud in a court of law. He or she can leave the Office of their Free Will.

Love is the law, love under will