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The Return of the Priestess by Lpd

The Return of the Priestess to the Temple

Written by Frater LPD

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Woman, the enigma of the ages! The Moon's pull has influenced Men to a gamut of actions from love to murder.

For do not some speak of the averse moon of sorcery? The Tripartite Lunar Formula has often been expressed as the Crone (bereft of all sexual function but yet making things happen); the Whore (open to All in her Freedom and Lust Unto Nuit), and lastly the Virgin, so often misrepresented in her purity.

For, after all, does not Artemis still surrender herself to Pan? The key to these three different perceptions of the Moon and Woman is Love under Will. As a mirror, she combines with all impressions for better or worse, sometimes even being ensnared by her own reflections.

For ages Woman was kept from the Hidden Sanctuaries of Initiation by Men who were concerned that their Solar Magick would be distorted as images in a fun house mirror.

They foolishly sought to establish a cetain type of energy free from the errors of reflection. All this acheived was Woman forming her own Schools and Sacred Mysteries as in the Island of Lesbos.

And who can blame them? It was foolish for the male priests of the past to exclude the other half of their very own Mysteries.

For after all, is not the main theme of the Masonic Craft the proper harmony of Man, Woman, and Child as expressed in the traditional Compass and Square symbol of Old Aeon Freemasonry?

The Book of the Law clearly states that Woman has a place in New Aeon Initiation. A Sacred Destiny to ward with Cup and Sword!

Therefore in the Sacred Order of L.I.L. Our Lodges are governed in Justice and Truth with both Priest and Priestess as Officers.

Though the secret relections on the Officers of the Lodge are reserved for Initiates of the Outer Courtyard, suffice it to say that this balance of Man and Woman is a sacred truth contained in the formula L.P.D.

In fact this formula means much more than even the young Aleister Crowley had gleaned at the founding of Our Sacred Order.

Today it can indeed be seen to be a pracical glyph of Sexual Alchemy in it's grandest scale predating even A.C.'s reception of the O.T.O. ninth degree formula.

Indeed it is this and more. All one need to do is look closely in the letters and their correspondences to Understand.

Throughout the last 96 years we see the gradual influence of this formula. Even in the early O.T.O. rituals, before their later revisions, we see the Old Aeon tendency to emphasize the Masculine. All of the necessary instruction on the harmony of Man and Woman is contained in Liber AL.

For though both Man and Woman are of different natures their aim is ultimately the Child Crowned and Conquering! Therefore let the Females of the Earth step forward. Initiation is your birthright!

The Priestess shall always be welcome in Our Temples and Our Flame of Aspiration shall burn forever. The Law of Thelema is here! Let those Women who will to attain in Our Path contact Us at this address. E-mail LIL

Love is the Law, love under will