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Honesty and the Great Work

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In my years of Work with L.I.L. I have seen many Candidates come and go. Many motivations brought them to the Path at first but in the end only the most Dedicated and Strong survive. After all, L.I.L. is a Hierophantic Order whose primary purpose is to Initiate Candidates in the Magick of Thelema. So what is meant when We say that a Magician is "of Us?" Their are many parameters involved in this equation but essentially those who "are of Us" resonate with the Magick of Thelema in both Word and Deed.

Being that death is a lie in this Aeon Our Sacred Magick builds and weaves the Khu for an Immortal Existence of Force and Fire. The only way that this can be scientifically acheived is through constant repetition and practice. Each Invocation that is uttered with a Flaming Heart is as one brick in a giant Pyramid of Initiation. Those who can not undertake the Discipline of Daily Practices simply will not survive after death or will continue on in a limited and partial manner.

It is for this reason that Candidates to L.I.L. are asked to include with their Application a brief written paper expressing their Motivation for joining the Order. In this way we can begin to help the Candidate pinpoint their True Will and purpose in life.

At some point down the Path every Magician has to ask themselves whether they are being honest in regards their Oaths and Tasks in the Order. Was their initial Will to join merely a passing fancy? For some it is the idea of being a fascianting and mysterious person that attracts them. They imagine all of the lovers they will be able to attract with their new personality and talk of Sex Magick. For others it is a new religion that fills the role of offending their parents and shocking the profane around them.

All of these reasons do not matter in the end. Either Initiation will occur or not for the Candidate who does not learn Discipline fails even with the most noble intentions. It is for this purpose that every Candidate to L.I.L. should ask themselves if they can really see themselves doing Magickal Work every day on a regular basis for if this is not the case they are simply wasting their time.

Although L.I.L. is a Social Order their is a System of Work that must be tended to. Discipline must be balanced with Fraternity. Those who are dead weight will be let go. Our Goal is Social Evolution.

Thus, to survive one must set a program of Work and stick to it. Your Superiors in the Order are their to assist you with this and one can never start to early. Constant Mindfulness is what is required. This is the purpose of small rituals like Liber Resh and saying Will before meals for even between the Greater Works of Magick one should be Mindful of the Goal.

In this way ones Aura changes from a rough ashlar to a smooth one and Power and Force build in the Aspirant Daily. So, in the end, every Man or Woman either entering or within the Order should examine themselves. Are you being Honest about Magick or living some silly dream? Do you have the Discipline and Fortitude to keep steady in the Work? If not L.I.L. is simply not for you. Please do not waste your time any further than necessary. For those "of Us" Magick is not a chore but a Flaming Heart of Passion. We could not have it any other way. Therefore if your eyes light up with Passion when you contemplate the Great Work you are welcome to Aspire to Our Mysteries. In L.I.L. you will find a community of Men and Women who have put the Great Work first in their lives. And what is the Great Work but finding and acheiving ones True Will.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater L.P.D.

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