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JOHN FRANKLIN BAYS: (b) abt 1770, Maryland

MARY ANN KNIGHT: (b) 1775, Maryland
1) JOHN F BAYS JR. : (b) abt 1794, Maryland, (d) 1866, (m) Margaret Hall

2) + THOMAS BAYS: (b) abt 1796, Maryland, (d) aft 1880, Fayette Co WV, (m) Nancy Ann Linigar abt 1818.

3) WILLIAM BAYS: (b) abt 1799 (m) Margaret Jenkins

4) ISAAC BAYS: (b) abt 1807, (d) 1874, (m) Avalina Blake

Information on the children of John Franklin Bays and Mary Ann Knight:
John Franklin Bays Jr. 1794-1866 married Margaret Hall 1799-1873
Their children were: William, John F., Lewis, Mary, Elizabeth, Moses, Samuel, Thomas, Margaret, Lucy J., George W. , Rebecca H., Jemina E., and Isobelle.
I have no further information as to where this family moved , lived or died.
William Bays 1799- married Margaret Jenkins
I have no information on their children. We do know William moved to Fayette Co the same time his brothers Thomas and Isaac did.
Isaac Bays 1807-1874 married Avalina Blake 1812-1902
Their children were: Charlotte, William C., Jeannetta, John, Henry H., James L., Sarah A., Frances "Fannie", Minerva, Richard, Margaret, and Mary Jane.
This family also moved to Fayette and Lincoln Co's WV.

Notes: In 1826, Thomas and Isaac Bays worked as chainmen on the surveys made by Francis Pinnell in the Loop when it was under the jurisdiction of Logan County. The three Bays brothers appeared on the Loop (WV) before the formation of Fayette Co, but their cabins were located on diverse parts of that area: Thomas was on the present Country Club Road: William on Cassady Branch of Laurel Creek ; and Isaac on Crooked Run. For those of you who aren't familiar with these areas, they are located in the now Fayette Co WV, in and around Oak Hill area.


+THOMAS BAYS: (b) abt 1796, Maryland, (d) aft 1880, Fayette Co WV.

NANCY LINIGAR: (b) 1801, Bath Co VA, (d) aft 1880, Fayette Co WV, (m) 1818- d/o : Isaac and Rebecca [Runnols] Bays.

1) REBECCA BAYS: (b) 1818, Giles Co Va, (m) October 18, 1837, Fayette Co WV, to Dryden Sims

2) ISAAC RUNOLS BAYS: (b) May 2, 1822, Giles Co VA, (m) August 23, 1850, to Amy Jane Abbott, Kanawha Co WV , (d) June 26, 1888 , Louisburg, Kansas.

3) AMOS BAYS: (b) November 19, 1823, Logan Co WV, (m) October 16, 1848, to Virginia Johnson, Fayette Co WV, (d) aft 1880, Fayette Co WV

4) MARY ANN "POLLY" BAYS: (b) abt 1824, Lincoln Co WV, (m) 1853 to John Lykins Treadway, (d) aft 1880, Fayette Co WV.

5) +JOHN BAYS: (b) 1828, Logan Co WV, (m) Sarah Ann Bayes, Kanawha Co WV, (d) 1907, Lincoln Co WV.

6) WILLIAM BAYS: (b) 1829, Logan Co WV, (m) December 13, 1850, Kanawha Co WV, to Martha Abbott, (d) April 20, 1855, Fayette Co WV.

7) JEMINA BAYS: (b) 1830, (m) Jan. 8, 1849, Fayette Co WV, to Jeremiah Bragg, (d) 1857, Fayette Co WV. Lived in Mossy, WV for 8 years.

8) RICHARD MADISON BAYS: (b) 1832, Fayette Co WV, (m) Feb. 10, 1859, Kanawha Co, to Elizabeth Carpenter, (d) March 20, 1894, Tillamook, Oregon. Richard served in the Union Army, Grand Army of the Republic. Second wife was Susan Bolin. He lived in Michigan , 12 years in Arkansas, 4 years in Texas, and Tillimook Oregon. Children of Richard Madison Bays remained in Texas when he moved to Oregon. Children were; Guy, Thomas, Oscar Buital, Annie, and Martha Alice.

9) ELIZABETH EVALINA BAYS: (b) 1833, Fayette Co WV, (d) abt 1868, - (m) Riley Bays: had one son THOMAS BAYS. Riley Bays (Bias) was from Surry co NC.

10) CHARLES BAYS: (b) 1835, Fayette Co WV; moved to Oklahoma, had a ranch along the Red River and died there. Wife ELIZABETH MANN.

11) JAMES BAYS: (b) 1837, Fayette Co WV, (m) Nancy Ann Veley in Kanawha Co WV, Oct. 6, 1853: James moved to Niles Michigan, Berrien Co., with his brother Hiram.

12) HIRAM W. BAYS: (b) May 22, 1838, Fayette Co WV, (M) Frances unknown, 1863, VA: Hiram (age 20) is listed in the Boone Co census as living with ALLEN HOLSTEIN: He then moved with his brother to Michigan. Hiram later moved to OREGON: (Hiram's brother John, 1st wife was a Holstein)

13) MARTHA BAYS: (b) 1841, (m) Lewis Blake in 1861: Lewis bought land at the head of Loop Creek, still known as Lewis Blake Hollow.

14) JANE BAYS: (b) 1843, Fayette Co WV, (m) Alfred Hansford Settle, Fayette Co, WV, 1859.


+JOHN BAYS: (b) 1828 - (d) 1907
Sarah Ann Bayes: (b) 1828 - possibly cousin to John Bays- d/o William Henry Bays & Mary Ann Eads

The only information I have on Henry Bays is from an "1860 Boone County Annotated Census" by Sigfus Olafson:
visitation 660:
Henry Bayes age 64: Stokes Co NC
Nancy age 54, Surrey Co NC
John age 22, Surrey Co NC
William age 20, Surrey Co NC
Joseph age 15, Surrey Co NC
Jacob age 14, Surrey Co NC
If Jacob was born in Surrey Co NC they were in NC in the year of 1846. Sarah, the daughter of William Henry Bays and Mary Ann Eades married John Bays in 1849 in Lincoln Co WV, so it is possible that Henry and Nancy Bays moved to Boone Co WV around 1848. If anyone finds more info on William Henry Bayes, please email me so that I may add the info to this page.

*Children of John and Sarah Bays:
1) WILLIAM HENRY BAYS: (b) August 12, 1854, Cabell Co WV,

2) JAMES LEWIS BAYS: (b) Feb. 10, 1856, Cabell Co WV: Wife, Mary A. Lambert: (source: 1870 annotated Lincoln Co census by David Turner)
3) ELIZA JANE BAYS: (b) 1857

4) SARA ELIZABETH BAYS: (b) May 4, 1858, Boone Co WV, (d) June 6, 1940, Lincoln Co WV.

5) NANCY ANN BAYES: (b) Jan 27, 1861, Kanawha Co WV, (d) Feb. 3, 1892, Lincoln Co WV. (m) Jan. 1, 1881, Lincoln Co WV to George Washington Stowers

6) ISAAC SOLOMON BAYS: "Uncle Sunny" (b) May 5, 1861, WV, (d) October 10, 1934, Putnam Co WV, (m) Anna Laura Stowers July 6, 1880, Lincoln Co WV.
.....Notes Isaac Bays had a son, Elmer Bays

7) + MARTHA BAYS: (b) 1864, Lincoln Co WV, (d) April 8, 1933, Fayette Co WV, (m) George Henry HOBBS, 1884, Lincoln Co WV.

8) MARY BAYS: (b) 1864, twin to Martha, died as infant.

9) LOUISA BAYS: (b) 1866, (m) Calvin Bias

10) EDWARD BAYS: (b) 1870

Notes: John Bays served in the Union Army. He first enlisted in Co. "G" of the 8th Virginia Infantry under Capt James L. Cassady on Oct 24, 1861, at Mud River. WV - On June 8, 1862 at the battle of Cross Keys he was shot in the leg and taken prisoner by the Confederate forces. He was discharged from the Army on May 24, 1863 at a camp near Weston, WV. He re-enlisted in the Army on August 22, 1864 and served in Co "m" 7th WV Volunteer Cavalry. He was discharged a second time on June 3, 1865. Sourc (Hardesty's Vol. 7 page 98). According to army records he was - 5'10" tall, fair complexion, grey eyes, sandy hair.

A special thanks to Randy Steele of Somerset, Kentucky and Anna Moore of Kansas (new found distant cousins) who graciously supplied me with this information.

[+] = My lineage.


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