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The Poms of Gin-Rich

Gin-Rich Pomeranians by: Ginger Kilbreth
Click here to see Esther's Page and Pedigree
Gin-Rich's Butterfly Kisses
(Ch. RheaNa Gin-Rich Nightstalker x Finch's Bet Sheza Daddy's Girl)
Click here to see Stalker's Page and Pedigree
CH Rhea Na Gin-Rich Nightstalker
(Ch. Lynnwrights Dracula x Finch's Ima Awesome Traveler)
Click here to see Joy's Page and Pedigree
Ch. Emcee's A Joyful Gin-Rich 
(Ch. Emcee's Gran Dorito Chips x Emcee's Toy Felipa)
Finch's Bet Sheza Daddy's Girl (Ch. Wee Hearts Tight End x Finch's Bambino Beautiful)

Breeder: Diane Finch

Bets has 9 points and is a champion producer . She has produced a multi Best Puppy In Show.
Suber's Showgirl at Gin-Rich (Ch. Whispering Lane Nevada x Suber's Little Blazing Star)

Breeder: Suzanne G. Berney

Girlie is a Graet Elms Prince Charming II granddaughter, full of spirit & very sound. She is a champion producer.
Emcee's El Diablo (Milliamor's Microchip Of Emcee x Emcee's Sassy Bee)

Breeder: Dr. Morris & Betty Carson

Bud is our new puppy 'hopeful' He is so short backed and has a winnng personality. We have great plans for him here at Gin-Rich, keep an eye on the ring near you for our 'little devil'