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Richard and Ginger Kilbreth doing one of our favorite things - eating!


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The People Part

Welcome to Gin-Rich Pomeranians, the people part. This part of Gin-Rich Poms consists of Richard and Ginger Kilbreth. We were located in Chesapeake, Virignia for 20 years. Where Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Portsmouth merge into one metropolitian area, also know as Tidewater or Hampton Roads (the "powers that be" can't decide on which identification they want to be know as so you will hear both names used for the same area ). We now reside in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina since 1999, but still have strong ties to Virginia and travel there often. Two of our daughters and her family still reside there. We are the parents of six grown children, four daughters and two sons ranging in age from 40 to 55. They reside in Seattle, WA; Madison, WI ; Chesapeake, VA ; Moyock, NC; and Savanna, GA. (Lynne & Mike Skram, Rick Kilbreth, Jr.( Our oldest son, Rick passed away on July 26, 2000), Stephanie & Kurt Marx, Ginger Kathleen & Lou Sims, Sabrina Hoy and Malcolm Jr. & Alison Manning They collectively, have given us two grandsons and five granddaughters, two step grandsons and two great granddaughters.

My wonderful life mate went to be with our Lord and Savior on Saturday October 25, 2008. He was my rock and biggest cheerleader. He will be missed and will always be in our hearts. Our daughters are also great cheerleaders.

Pomeranian affiliations

We are past members of The American Pomeranian Club (APC); The Greater Baltimore Pomeranian Club(GBPC); and Central Carolina Pomeranian Club (CCPC) For further information on becoming a member of any of these clubs You can also get to them by going to our links page. Below is our accompolishments while we were showing our pomeranians. While we no longer raise nor show them. I am leaving this on our website to show our love of the breed.

A Very Good Year

Some of our show accompolishments are below. After moving to Myrtle Beach, SC we continued to show for a few years and then retired from the show ring.
Our beloved Ch. Nightstalker featured on the cover page passed away April 21, 2008. And Ch Emcees A Joyful Gin-Rich passed away suddenly on December 7, 2007.

1998 was very good to us in the show ring! We have just completed a wonderful year by getting championships on FOUR of our poms. Two of which we bred. And are very proud to have done this well in such a short time. CH Rhea-Na Gin-Rich Night Stalker was our first champion on 4th of July weekend, Then just in time for Christmas, in Bethlehem, PA CH Emcee's A Joyful Gin-Rich got back to back majors and another BOS to finish her championship for a very special Christmas present for us. Lisa Pauls finished the two Gin-Rich kids in Canada, on May 18 th CH Gin-Rich's Night Stalkings a Stalker/Bets son became a Canadian champion with 3 BOB, GroupI, BPIG, and BPIS (his second that far) Billy won another BPIS and BOB, BPIG the following day. On May 17th Gracie received her Canadian championship in only four showings in one month's time, CH Gin-Rich's Water's Graceful Walker, a double Travis granddaughter, (Bubba x Rocky) Gracie won 2 BOW, BOS, Gr 3, BPIG, BPIB, BPIG in only four showings. We co-own these two. Now we have to top this for 1999!

Two more reasons 1998 was very good to us:

First, we received two awards from one of our club affiliations. The Central Carolina Pomeranian Club presented us with their Horizon Award. This award is presented when you champion your first Pomeranian. The second, and a surprise award was the Exhibitor Of The Year award for 1998. This award is presented for the club member that had acquired the most points on any poms they own, bred or had shown. To have won this award this early in our career, we are honored and trilled.

Well as a lot of you know, we weren't able to top our record for 1998 in 1999. Not on our accord, but due to (as they say,) circumstances beyond our control we were taken out of the show ring for 12 months. And as well I suffered two minor strokes in the spring, so a lot of show dates were missed. We had a great many BOB, BOS Group placings with Joy before this forced leave and plan on continuing as soon as we can. ALso early 1999 brought us several points for our Gin-Rich kids. While we could have put the poms with a handler to complete, we felt we'd just ride everything out and I'd resume our showing as we felt like it after the suspension.

Our Pom Travels . . .

Our interest in pomeranians has taken us to many places and have given us many varied experiences, both good and bad, but mostly good. By choice, we are a relatively small kennel. At present we have nine adult poms. And breed once or twice a year. We are in the process of developing our kennel type, and strive to produce sound, typey poms in time that you will be able to identify with our kennel name. We started with a few lines and decide exactly what 'look' we wanted indntified with our name. We are now basing our breeding program on the wonderful typey dogs from Dr. Morris and Betty Carson, Emcee Pomeranians. Morris and Betty have worked on their readily indentifiable type for over thirty years, and we are honored to be mentored by such wonderful and devoted pom people.

Foundation Bitches

Our foundation bitches are our pride. Our first purchase was from Diane Finch of Finch's Pomeranians, Finch's Bet Sheza Daddy's Girl (Bets), she has one major & five singles. Bets is the dam of many of our finest Gin-RIch kids. We also purchased a Travis daughter Finch's Destin To Be Walkin', Rocki has also proved to be an assent as a foundation brood. Next we went to Sue Berney of Suber's Pomeranians for our next "showgirl" , Suber's Showgirl at Gin-Rich (Girlie), she is another wonderful producer in our foundation, Girlie is a sable, and very valuable to our breeding program with Stalkerman. Girlie has now moved to Indiana to be with Roxanne Collins of, Kissami Kennel,where we know she will produce well for Roxanne. CH Emcee's A Joyful Gin-Rich (Joy), is doing great things here in the short time she has been here, going Best in Match at Catonsville KC in Sept (from the 9 - 12 month class) and also going first in Sweeps and first in her regular class against 25 others at the largest APC specialty in Ohio this past August and then finishing her championship with back to back majors; all this in limited showing she has acquired 3 BOB and 6 BOS on the way to her championship. To say she makes up proud is an understatement. She will be specialed a bit and then we are planning some wonderful breedings. Emcee's Carbon N Gold at Gin-Rich (Inky), is our first black and tan female, she is the dam of our new black and tan stalker legecy - Gin-Rich's Night Hawlk and Gin-RIch's Stalkin' The Moonlight . And will be invaluable in our black and tan breedings.

The Gin-Rich Kids

We now have several of our own breedings to add to our breeding program, Gin-Rich's Butterfly Kisses (Esther), born on Easter Sunday 1997 ( Stalker x Bets). This is the only orange pup Stalker has produced to date. He mostly produces black and tan. Esther is very typey and pleasing to the judges, she is pointed and had won several BOS over specials in her short time out showing and we will continue to show her this spring. And Gin-Rich's Bet Sheza Stalker Babe (Babe), another Stalker x Bets daughter and a beautiful black and tan to boot!And Gin-Rich's Sugar and Spice (Sugar),, a cream orange, are still quite small and will be carrying on the lines we are developing. An new girl on the block is Emcee's Gin-Rich Angel She Ain't ! (Mz. KeKe) has just joined our family. Mz. KeKe is a very showy typey orange - an exotic for us !As well as being into everything, hence her name. Then is the infamous Gin-RIch's Magnolia, another Stalker girl in the cream/orange tone. She entertaind at her first show by running away from me in the ring, but went on to WB, and BOW with her mom winning BOS.

Foundation Studs

Our males include the infamous CH Rhea Na Gin-Rich Nightstalker, (Stalkerman), he is our love and joy here. He has produced wonderful pups. One of his first sons is in Canada and a multiple BIS Puppy, CDN CH Gin-Rich's Night Stalkings (Billy) he is taking that country by storm as Stalker has done here. In his first five shows, he was Best In Show Puppy in three of them. Our first male was Can. Ch. Finch's I Walk On Water Too (Bubba), a beautiful black Travis son. He is the sire to Can Ch. Gin-Rich's Waters Graceful Walker. He has just completed the requirements for his Canadian championship. Another of our males here is, Ch Wee Hearts Musical Tunes, Tiger Tiger has several group placings also, then there is Gin-Rich's Nicholas El Grande, (Nick), a black, (sire is Ch. Emcee's Gran Dorito Chips and his dam is Finch's Destin To Be Walkin',Rocki) and Nick is a Travis great-grandson also so we are expecting great things of him in the months ahead. He now lives with Dr. Morris and Betty Carson at Emcee's and will be visiting a ring near you soon. Watch for this flashy beautiful black. Our newest boy is Emcee's El Diablo of Gin-Rich (Little Devil), an ornery little orange boy. We are really looking forward to showing him this spring. We have several more here that we are keeping an eye on. In order to keep our kennel the small size we want, most of our show males are placed with a breeding clause, whereas we are able to breed to them without having to keep several studs on premises. This works well for us. We now have a wonderful black and tan boy second generation Gin-Rich boy; Gin-Rich's Wolfman Jack, his sire is Can Ch. Gin-Rich's Night Stalkings and his dam is Suber's Showgirl at Gin-Rich. He is so full of himself that I am sure he will make a statement in the ring later this year. Watch for him in a ring near you in the midwest.

Our Show Career . . .

We have been showing in confirmation for three years, our first show was Dec 7, 1998. We owner handle all of our poms, with Richard pitching in when needed. We have been able to put points on every pom we have taken into the ring. I finished Stalker in July 1997, all owner handeled except his first two points that Maureen Irving of Canada put on him when he returned from his Canadian showings and finished Joy with back to back majors just in time for Christmas. Joy was shown from June to December in limited showing. I owner/handled her at the largest APC Specialty in Aug in Ohio. Where she did quite well for us, making both owners and breeder, Dr. Morris & Betty Carson very proud. Several of our others should finish next season.

Find Out More About Us . . .

In our short career with poms we have been honored with a kennel visit from The Pom Reader. If you would like to know a little more about us and our poms, look us up in the August 1998 Issue of The Pom Reader We love our poms as pets and family members first, then value them in competition and in our breeding program comes next. If you want a home raised and loved pom for your next 'family member' we'll try to help you find just the right pom to fill your arms. That is our specialty!

You can reach us by phone in Myrtle Beach at: (843) 4GK-POMS (445-7667) or (843) AAA-POMS (222-7667). Call and we will talk Poms!

Homes for our Poms

Homes for our poms are selected with the good of the individual pom in mind. Several show quality poms have ended up in pet homes, simply because that is where they fit best. One of our littlest poms, Monica,(only 2 lbs.) ended up picking her new mom. A vendor friend or ours wanted someone to hold and love because she was going through pom withdrawal since she had had to leave hers at home. We brought Monica for her to hold while we were in the show ring with Joy. When it came time to go home, Monica decided she wanted to go home with Judy and Bobby! You can see her at lots of shows across the country as Judy travels to many shows each show season. We do check the homes our poms go to and like to keep in touch with all of them. We also have a cradle to grave guarentee on all poms we breed.

Stop By To See Us . . .

In June we got ourselves a new 36' RexAir motorhome with slideouts for our 20th anniversary that we use to travel to shows. Our tag reads GIN-RICH. If you happen to see us at a show somewhere in our travels, stop by our motorhome and introduce yourselves, there is always good food (Richard is a wonderful cook), friendship and lots of pom talk and of course poms to cuddle in your lap while you are here, in case you didn't bring yours. But don't try to take one out the door, we have a specially made "pom detector" attached invisibly to each one of them -- and several on Stalkerman (smile), we are only teasing about that part. We love meeting pom people everywhere, so stop on by and visit.

A Special Note: . . .

A Special Note here; Some of the art work on our page is copyrighted & we ask that you don't take it without permission. We are most grateful to several artists for their contribution to making our site pleasing. Helen, did the logos on the index page for me and Alex of AlFer Kennels has graceousely loaned me his "Flash Gordon" animation, as he is jumping for Joy that is also on the index page. Thank you both.

Show Results


We are traveling a great deal this year and are not able to do as many shows are we'd like, but so far we are doing really well. Here are our 2nd Quarter results (and still counting.)

Gin-Rich's Butterfly Kisses has six more points, almost finished now. She has also agquired 4 BOS.

CH. Emcee's A Joyful Gin-Rich Now has 3 BOB, 14 BOS and a Group IV --She is now on maternity leave at the end of the third quarter. She delovered three pups on Sept. 24th two females and a male they all look orange at this point,

We haven't bred much this year, but will have a new little girl out late summer or early fall; her name is In Your Face With Gin-Rich She is really a flashy, showy little lady, watch for her in a ring soon.

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