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Katsucon 5. Ahh, a tradition in itself. This marks my four Katsucon, and I would definetely have to say that this was by far the best one to date. Not only was it VERY local for me(it was only a 15 minute drive to the hotel), I was able to go with some good friends and have a great weekend. This was my first time attempting to costume, and I loved it. Also, I was able to meet up with and make some really great people.
I spent a great deal of money, and I had the time of my life the entire weekend. I was costumed as Genrou 'Tasuki' from Fushigi Yuugi, and my friends Elise and Ted were Nuriko and Chichiri respectively. The con itself was full of great costumes, the atmosphere was great, and hell, there was no other Tasuki costumers, except one.
I was able to meet five different Miakas! And two different Yui-chans! Yosha! Buuuuuuut, there were only one Miaka and Yui for meeee, and they know who they are. =)

Some brief shouts out:

John, John, John, your Jinnai already has one of the biggest reputations, and this was only your.. second con? It was great hanging out again, and I really look forward to partying with you again at Otakon.

Carolina and Amy, my two favorite mikos. =) It was a great pleasure meeting you guys! You made my weekend a lot better than it already was! I didn't mind getting smacked around by that rubber chicken... I loved all of your costumes, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you both at Animazement!

The CAML group, thanks for the cosplaying fun, and all the wild times in between. Jordi, the queen of Fanservice, nice meeting you. BoneparteOzaki, Jason, great ideas for the Anime Deathmatch. Dammit, we should HAVE WON SOMETHING!! ahem.... thanks again!

The pages you will see have various images that I have selected to show to you people. I had taken four rolls of pictures, a total of 84 of them being Katsu shots, but I was limited to 34 of them actually being posted, due to lack of space. A grand majority of the pictures are the ones that have me in them, so brace yourselves. All of the photos on these pages can be clicked on to see the enlarged, original versions. Well, click the links below to see them, enjoy! ^_^

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