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I started with a 160 Gallon hard liner, 325 GPH pump and a home made filter,
oh and 8 Kio about 3inches each, then a year later my Dad gave me his 4 Kio and a
Goldfish because the had out grown if 50 Gallon "sink",
they are about 10-12 inches, and the one Goldfish that is about 6 inches too,(the "red potato")
They all wintered over well (1999- 2004), had a few times with ice on top, once was 2 inches thick!
me in pond the pond pit
pond wet me at pond
my fish 1999
I try to fly, help!!!
I try to fly, but I keep gettin put back in??? And one morning I made it! stayed out all nite,
now I'm in fishy heaven...
and since then a 3 big brothers and an other 3 of my bunch took a walk too... oops we can't walk...
This was an ok design, but it had to many leaks, for carefree I got a tetra "barrel" unit in 2001
filter guts, first try new filter for 2001
its workin out better with the net now, but it still gets "green" at times...
Pit of great dispair!
All have died but one comet, time to get just a dozen "feeders"
move hole!
Time to move over and make it better for 2005, added a 20gal spill barrel, and the "falls"
almost ready!
getting better!
Fish and plants settle in; need to add lots more rocks!
lots of fish
Good info link
in progress!
Kilroy was here... Recycle!
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